Date recognition using IF formula

  • Hi,

    I keep hitting my head against the wall with this formula. I would the data being copied to paste in a certain column only if the information in the range containes the month May in it. I tried Dim May as date but it didnt work then I tried an IF formula telling excel to pick up the word May and I keep getting the error message type mismatch. This is what I have so far and I'm not getting anywhere with it.

    Can anyone help me complete this code? Am i way off or am I close?

  • Re: Date recognition using IF formula

    You definitely had a lot of parts right. I'm guessing the contents of F7:F12 is dates? If so, then this should work:

  • Re: Date recognition using IF formula

    Hi Barb,

    Thanks for the advice. I tried your codes and it didnt pan out very well for me (kept getting a "type mismatch error"). I also tried this and it doesnt work either:

    this doesnt send only may dates to the may column ("C") it also send every other dat there too.

    How to I isolate the dates?

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