Text Lookup then return value

  • Hi

    Trying to do a look up and return value excel sheet

    Column B2 to B30 has descriptive text such as "CAP 0603 CER 1UF 10% X5R 25V_PBF"

    I have another section on the sheet with look up data such as the following

    (I2) -- (J2)
    0603 -- 8
    1210 -- 8
    2010 -- 12
    SOT8 -- 16

    So basically (If Possible) I need Column (F) row 2 to search "B2". It will be searching for text that is in the look up column (I). If text is find then it returns the corresponding row J2

    In an example F2 would deplay "8" as B2 contains text "0603" inside.

    I hope this is clear?
    Your help would be greatly appreciated!!


  • Re: Text Lookup then return value

    Try this, confirmed 'ctrl+shift' key followed by enter.

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