Template/Addin for Report Tracking System

  • I've been asking tons of questions lately about problems I'm having updating a workbook. I put out a patch program yesterday, and it caused more problems than it fixed! Here's the scenario:

    There's about 35 of us keeping track of our reports in workbooks (XL2007, Vista). There's maybe 250 of these trackers in various server locations. Many are used as shared files.

    The boss decided we needed a new tracker and asked me to build it. I created a workbook that met the requirements: named ranges with lists for validation drop-downs, columns A-Q locked, a macro to insert and delete rows in the locked area, 12 different conditional formats, and some other bells and whistles. Saved it as XLSM and put it on the server so it can be downloaded as needed and filled with information, then szved as a new file.

    Now it's a few months down the road, and it's time to fix the glitches we've found. I pounded out a program using Word and Excel VBA, wrote up (what I thought were) detailed instructons, and sent it out. I think it took 10 minutes for my phone to start ringing!!

    I'm limited in how and what I can do for a patch program:
    -- I'm not a trained programmer, just a VBA fanatic
    -- can't access the VBE to change code
    -- gotta do everything in VBA or VBscript

    This patch ran Excel through Word, and included a "new and improved" XLSM file with updated code modules. I copied all the data sheets into the new file, which put their data on top of new code. Then I fixed formulas and updated lists and such.

    And of course there were problems! Yes, some due to bad code on my part. But many more due to the various ways 35 people managed to mangle a file so my code wouldn't run!

    Of course I now think that had I created an actual template file, some of this would have been avoided. An add-in would have helped too. With 250 data-filled workbooks out there, is it too late to migrate to this?


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    Above the window you typed your thread title and in the rules it clearly states:


    Please take care with thread titles in the future, superfluous words should also be avoided. I have fixed it for you this time only, if it does not correctly reflect your question then please modify it in accordance with the rules. Future non-compliant thread titles will be deleted.

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    Well, rules is rules, I guess - even though the change completely altered the first impression of my question.

    Do you have any thoughts on the substance of the post?


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    Quote from EdFromAZ;557499

    even though the change completely altered the first impression of my question.

    Ed- As I said, if that is the case feel free to change it or PM me a new one. Your old title did not comply with the rules, I hope you have now read them and understand why.

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