Hyperlink to Photos When Moving Files

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    Said it before and I'll say it again - YOU DA MAN!

    That works PERFECTLY.......

    I'll post it, along with a very healthy THANK YOU and REVIEW....

    Cannot tell you how much I appreciate the help!

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    Attila is THE MAN.....

    My original post involved a problem I was having with attaching photos - almost 1000 of them - to an excel report so that the recipients of the report could read the item on the report and "click" to view a photo of the problem. In the past I've used hyperlinks and embedding - but both of those pose issue as well as being very time-consuming.

    I posted a question here regarding the issue - having NO knowledge or experience in VBA - and Attila came to my rescue. He spent almost 4 days working this issue with me, continuously writing and re-writing the code (we name our photos uniquely, so it posed some major challenges) until it worked.

    My most heart-felt thank you's go to Attila.

    Anyone having a similar problem, here's the code:

    Cannot say enough about Atilla an the help I got here. I will definitely do some exploring / experimentation in VBA in the future, seeing the usefulness of it now!

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