new record on new row line?

  • In above code, i have saved the record in the first row only. I didnt understand that, after added one record, how do i added every new record on every new row line.

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    I'm assuming you have are entering things into C4, c13, c22, c24, c26 and c27 to create a record and then want the records stored as lines of data?

    If this is correct I suggest you have one sheet for data entry and a second sheet for the lines of data.

    If you permanently have e4:j4 with the formula you put in the above code and then add the below code it will copy the line of data and create a new record on sheet 2
    (where sheet 1 and sheet 2 please change to whatever you want to call the sheets)

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    I m suprising with your knowledge !
    Thank You for quick reply.

    i have using 2 sheets wherein-
    ---In 1st sheet, e4 to j4 got the value by clicking the cmdbuton.
    ---D 2nd sheet only contains values, that is absolutly right.

    and when again i will click on cmdbuton then the other records goes to e5 to j5 and for every new record to e6....e7 and on.

    For this i require code.

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    See if this does what you need.
    It will copy the range of cells (C4, . . . C27) to next available row on sheet2, transposing the value from column to row format


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