VBA Code to return a summary sheet of due actions

  • I'd really appreciate some help on this one as I'm totally confused. I am using Microsot Excel 2003. The idea is fairly simple I have a large workbook, one spreadsheet of which (called review dates) is of client names with corresponding review dates (2 weekly, 3/6/12/18 monthly etc, etc). The columns are conditionally formatted to highlight any dates that fall within a week of the present date but its very time consuming and errror prone to scroll through hundreds of rows of client names plus across a number of columns looking for any due reviews. The idea is then to have a single summary worksheet report, to return all due actions detailing clients name, the date that a review is due and the type of review due, (eg 3 month). As stated any help at all would be good, I'm very new to VBA. Many thanks

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