Pivottables: extract part of data to make chart

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  • forum.ozgrid.com/index.php?attachment/38971/forum.ozgrid.com/index.php?attachment/38970/Hi all,

    Hope you can help me with the following question.

    I would like to do extract data from only a part of my pivottable to make pie and bar charts. As a chart based on a pivottable only allows me to select the whole chart I am facing this problem. As my tables have the following features some options I found on the internet are not working
    -I have many tables --> as I don't like to copy (60 tables)*(4columns per table), the copy and filter option seems not a good solution
    -The nr and location of rows are changing --> getpivotdata function is not the good solution then

    e.g. the kind of chart I would like to be able to make is a pie chart of row 3, in which I can see that in Q1-11 of step 1, 5 are delayed and 10 are done.

    Please find attached an illustrating example:

    Book 3:
    sourcing data for the pivottable

    Book 2:
    summarizes the kind of pivot tables I have made, however my real data has:
    -about 60 pivot tables
    - some do have two columns, others 3 or 4
    - numbers of rows are changing all the time, depending on the input (e.g. changing number of steps and time periods)

    Hope you can help me solving this problem!

    kind regards,

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