Vlookup / networkdays required

  • Hi,

    I have what I think is a slightly unusualy use for a Vlookup.

    I have a spreadsheet with the following 3 columns (simplified): PO, Mfr Part Code & Due date.
    I then have another spreadsheet with the following: PO, Mrf Part Code & Working Days.

    Spreadsheet 1 is a big sheet with lots of entries. One PO can contain lots of different Mfr part codes and the Mfr Part codes can also be found on other POs. It could even come to pass that a Mfr Part code might appear twice for one PO (if a qty is increased a new line is added to the sheet).

    What I want to do is do a vlookup to find the instances where the PO and Mfr part code match, then copy over the due date to spreadsheet 2 and then calculate how many working days (on spreadsheet 2) between today's date and the imported due date.

    If this is the kind of thing which is explained better with uploads - I am happy to provide. I have tried Googling to no avail.

    THANKS in advance.

  • Re: Help with Interesting vlookup / networkdays required - please. :)

    You're right; a sample sheet is going to be a must here. As always, remove/change any proprietary data and provide a separate sheet with what the expected outcome should be.

  • Re: Vlookup / networkdays required

    Ooops - I got an infraction for a dodgy thread title! Ho hum.

    Thanks very much for your suggestion, krish, but I get #N/A when I try that?

  • Re: Vlookup / networkdays required

    I don't get #N/A when I use Kris' formula on your sample...but there are some strange results because you have rows where the date column is blank - what should happen then - what result do you expect. Also what about the situations when there are 2 or more matches, which date would you want. Is it the latest date?

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