Sum blocks of cells comprised of X rows

  • Hi I need to sum 5 rows at a time, i.e. a1:a5 then B6:B10 etc - which I can do BUT how do I get this information to go in cell C2, C3, C4 etc

    So cell C2 will contain the sum of B2:B6
    C3 will contain sum of B7:B11
    C4 will contain sum of B12:B16 and so on etc

    I know I can do sum (B2:B6) and then highlight cells C2:C6 and drag down
    But that gets me the answer every 5th line, and I need it on every line

    I know i could also manually write this in, but i need to do this for hundreds of times so this isnt possible

    Any help you could provide in a formula would be greatly appreciated

    Kind regards

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    Hi, Erin
    Nice to meet you.
    First, write =A2 anywhere blank columns and drag down. say, cell address 'e12'.
    in cell F12=IF(A2="",B2+F11,B2), drag down.
    Second move F12:F39 upward so that locate 'value 78 in cell F16' on the left of '1st April'.
    You can do filter non zero for column E and copy&Paste.
    Regards, junho

  • Re: Sum 5 rows - question you that worked perfectly for that example i sent.
    What would i modify if i wanted to have my answers on another tab/sheet and also starting on a different row number.

    i.e. i have attached a worksheet (example 2) which is very similar to the actual i am trying to work from.

    Production! is the tab with the information, i want to start gathering the data from R5:R10 then R11:R15 etc
    The tab i want the information to collect on is Bottles! and i want to start collecting the data on L5, L6, L7 etc
    So Bottles! L5 has the sum of Production!R5:R10 and Bottles! L6 has the sum of Production! R11:R15 etc

    I tried but couldnt get it to completely work
    I managed to start pulling data from the other sheet by adding this into your equation =SUM(OFFSET(Production!$R$1,ROW()*5-9,0,5))
    But i cant get the right cells to add up correctly

    i.e. L5 should = 3008 / L6 = 4008 / L7 = 0 / L8 = 489 etc

    Can you please help at all?
    Many thanks

  • Re: Sum 5 rows - question


    in l5, copy down.

    Explanation - What offset does is pick a cell and move down "rows" number of cells and grab an area "height" number of rows from here. so in this case we always start from R5. we move down a number of cells = the current row-4 (so 1 for l5, 2 for l6 etc), * 6 (so 6 for l5, 12 for l5 etc), and get an area 6 cells in height to sum.

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