VBA Conditional Formatting

  • I'm working on a spreadsheet that incorporates military date formats and needs specific formatting based upon earlier columns and the date of the cell. I have all the colors in RGB format, and I was hoping it would work, but it didn't. I don't know if it was my attempt to code it or something, probably both. Attached is an example of what I would need something to look like, and here is the VBA I had originally tried (I used several examples from across the web to put it together ^^'):

    The VALUE(TEXT(YEAR(TODAY()),"0000")&TEXT(MONTH(TODAY()),"00")&TEXT(DAY(TODAY()),"00")) is my own creation to format the value to how I have to have the date entered into the cells. I've already confirmed this works (basic functions is something I'm actually good with ^^).

    Here is a basic break-down of how I need it to work:

    I know, my attempt at the actual code looks nothing like that. My attempt was also trying to simplify it, which is where I think I screwed up.

    Anyways, anyone think they can help?

    Oh, about the "ü" thingies (in Wingdings font they're check marks), it's in order of precidence, so if I have a check in column D, I don't care about A-C. Basically, the highest check will determine the color.

    Thank you in advanced for simply looking at this. ^^

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