Dynamic Grid Lines on a Chart

  • Hi All,

    I have a graph with two series on. On the X axis there is weeks, Y axis there is value against the week.

    Below the graph i have a scroll bar which allows the user to choose the week they would like to see the actual figures for.

    Above the graph i have cells which are linked to the chart data showing the figures, but what i would like to do is show the x grid line only for the week which has been selected.

    If I haven't explained myself very well then i'll be happy to upload the file.


  • Re: Dynamic Grid Lines on a Chart

    I have already used that technique to get the actual figures, the question i was asking is how to show the gridline on just the selected week

  • Re: Dynamic Grid Lines on a Chart

    As you can see, i have a chart in the middle of the screen with values above changing depends on the value set by the scroll bar below the chart.

    What i would like is a line to appear on the chart highlighting the week selected

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