Hide row if value=0 & auto size wrapped text in merged cell

  • Hi,

    Before I start, I know this is 2 (very) common questions and before starting a new thread I just wanted to mention that I did researched this forum and google but because of my lack of skills with VBA it's very hard for me to adapt existing code I found online, hopefully someone can have a look and help me.

    So here's the deal,

    first part, hiding/unhidding the rows where value is 0, in my collumn E i have range of rows where I have a vlookup, if the result of this vlookup is zero, then hide the row completly, if not unhide it or leave it be if it wasn't hidden, so for example my first range is E13:E52, so look in that range and for each "E__" cell with a value of zero hide the corresponding cell, i.e if E16 is zero, hide complete row 16, VBA should also unhide is previous result was zero but formula update switch to a value different from zero.

    Then the auto-fit of wrapped text, next to my collumn E, I have collumn F (doh!) which is also a vlookup but this time return a text value, depending on the result it can go from short to very long, I would like that row size auto-fit based on the content of cell in collumn F

    and that's it :) I hope someone will have the patience to go over this one more time, thanks a lot.

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