New query for listbox and addtion of cells..

  • [INDENT][INDENT]Dear All Sir,

    I have 2 problems. One with listbox query and the second with summation of cells.

    1] query -
    Listbox1 contain 2 values -A and B

    Private Sub Worksheet_Activate()
    ListBox1.AddItem "A"
    ListBox1.AddItem "B"
    End Sub

    Whenever i am try to open newly, listbox items not displayed. So i have to go "alt-11" option that is in coding part. Run this perticular part. and then only this items listed.

    Is there any option, when open the sheet, values also dislpys?

    2] query -

    In range c6:range c112 contain some values. for eg.-
    c6 = 3.5kw
    c7 = 5.5kw
    c8 = 15.6kw
    c9 = 25.5kw
    and so on.

    My problem is, i want sum of all in range c115.
    but when this addtion doing, this string "kw" is not giving the value.

    So, is there any solution for this, even i require "kw" in range c115 after the addition.

    I require best suggestion for above. So can anyone suggest for me?

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