[Solved] VBA : Embeded Document in Excel

  • Hi,

    I have a spreadsheet that is sent out to a number of users. as part of the sheet there is a standard letter which is embeded into the spreadsheet. i have written a macro to update this embeded file with information from the spreadsheet.

    however when the documnent is closed it saves any changes into the embeded file.

    i need this file to be a clean template for the next time the macro is run.
    Can someone suggest a way to stop the embeded file being saved? or perhaps another solution to this problem?

    Many thanks

  • Hi,

    Try embedding two documents.

    When the macro is run, the "live" document is first replaced by a copy of the "back up" document. This way you'll always edit a copy and never directly edit the back up.


  • Thanks John, i used your idea and came up with the VBA code:
    Selection.Verb Verb:=xlOpen
    Selection.Name = "ENGLISH1"

    this copies the template, opens it, renames the file and pastes a fresh template for next time around.


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