[Solved] Formulas : VLOOKUP?

  • Hi there!

    I have a similar list in the first worksheet of my spreadsheet to your table example:

    In the next (second) worksheet, I would like their age to appear automatically when their name is selected from a drop-down i.e. If I pull-down Kate in Cell range A1, cell B1 will get populated with 25.

    I'm assuming the formula would have to sit in B1 but, I'm not sure at all what formula would do the trick.. . any help would be greatly appreciated?

    Many many thanks,


  • Hi Philippe,

    Assuming The table of Name & Age is on sheet1 A2:B10,

    On sheet2 in A1 is the Name.
    So use the following formula in B1 to display their age.




  • Just in case you end up dragging Andy's formula down column B to work against multiple entries in column A, make sure to make the reference to the loookup table in Sheet1 absolute.


    Alternatively, you can Name the Sheet1!$A$2:$B$10 range (INSERT > NAME > DEFINE) and then use the Name in your formulas.

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