Camera Tool not displaying PivotChart

  • Hi, I have a pivot chart which has a filter controlled with a combo box (not sure this matters) On this same Dashboard, I have used the camera tool to take a picture of of the range of cells encompassed by the chart. When I change the options on my combo box, the Pivotchart changes, but my camera's snapshot shows only the blank cells under the chart. Oddly if I select the chart, then select the picture and move it, it seems to refresh. I have coded a macro to do just that...but it does not work unless I manually do it. Have I angered some ghost of excel? I really can't figure this out! Thank you, Tim

  • Re: Camera Tool not displaying PivotChart

    yes, my calculations are set to Automatic...should this be something different? This is really driving me wild - it seem to stop showing the chart, and shows the cells behind the chart every time I hide a row as well...

  • Re: Camera Tool not displaying PivotChart

    Is the picture in the same sheet as the PivotChart? If not, is it in the same workbook?

    Cheers, Glenn.

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  • Re: Camera Tool not displaying PivotChart

    The picture is in the same sheet as the Pivot Chart. The picture will show the cells behind the chart, but not the actual chart.

    I have another picture on the same sheet - it updates just fine, but thats probably becuase it is showing the actually cells, not a chart over the cells


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