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    Re: Confidential data to be used in calculations in public workbook

    Thanks John, makes perfect sense to me.

    I guess what I will propose is:

    • Store the table inside the file (very-hidden, protected, etc, for what is worth). I will encrypt it with some simple two-way logic.
    • Put the calculation and the decryption step inside a pwd-protected UDF

    This should discourage most smart users. If still too weak, I will mention the DLL option, but we are out of my zone here. Thanks very much for mentioning this.

    Can I assume the only “correct” solution would be to have a server side layer, built with whatever tool?

    Hello All,

    we have a table with data like:

    [TABLE="width: 500, align: left"]


    [TD="align: center"]PRODUCT
    [TD="align: center"]PRODUCTION COST



    [TD="align: center"]abc[/TD]
    [TD="align: center"]123[/TD]



    [TD="align: center"]xyz[/TD]
    [TD="align: center"]456[/TD]



    we need a tool to allow the users to:

    • select the product (simple drop-down)
    • input a proposed selling price

    a simple formula then (v)looks up the cost, checks if the price is high enough to sell via some logic and provides the user with a simple "YES or NO".

    The user must be unable to access the mentioned table. I'd like to understand if there's a reasonable secure way to do this in excel, or what solution we could go for.
    I assume the easy way would be to hide the table somewhere in the file and protect with pwd, but it's something a good user (we have some) could violate in few minutes with some bits of VBA.

    Thanks in advance.

    Hi All,

    nice to meet you, my first post here. I'd like to have your opinion:

    Problem: I've one matrix of data and a tag for every row

    [Blocked Image:]

    The ranges are named Tags and Data. I need to get the total of "data" for the values in rows which have a selected value in Tags.

    I've come up with this to sum for example, tag "a"

    (array formula)


    It works but is basically not understood by most endusers, do you see other options to do this in a more "friendly" way?

    Thanks in advance.