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    this is the English translation. sorry :
    Hi everyone My question regarding this paper is: I have the first column with a set of file names - which can increase or decrease In the second column there is also a group of names which can increase or decrease Again. And I want with the third column to combine them as in the attached file. How can we do this if we add or remove content to modify, is that possible?

    Salut tout le monde Ma question concernant ce papier est la suivante : J'ai la première colonne avec un ensemble de noms de fichiers - qui peut augmenter ou diminuer Dans la deuxième colonne, il y a aussi un groupe de noms qui peut augmenter ou diminuer encore. Et je veux avec la troisième colonne les combiner comme dans le fichier attaché. Comment peut on le faire si on ajoute ou on supprime du contenu à modifier, est-ce possible ?

    Here's another solution in case anyone is interested later:

    Hello, I have a workbook with two sheets Sheet 1- Oldstock 2021-2022 : It contains warehouse information Sheet 2- Transaction we are selling & returning items stated Question 1: About the information we got from the first article We have two processes: the sale (Sale) and the return (retrieval) and the quantity sold or returned After putting the quantity sold, I want to make a confirmation in order to transfer NEWSTOCK to Quantity in stock on the first sheet. Question 2: 2- How to add the current date automatically each time I add a new line I put it now () but how is it written automatically The file is attached. Thank you.