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    Re: Delete Value From Registry(permission)

    [COLOR="Red"]I found it![/COLOR]


    MijnSleutel = My.Computer.Registry.CurrentUser.OpenSubKey(Nsleutel)

    I missed the argument in OpenSubKey to give write acces
    so now it's working ....OpenSubKey(Nsleutel,true)

    I have this code, but I get the error no write permission
    How can I fix this or what is causing this

    TIA, Richard

    Re: Addin Registry

    Is the main addin located (where)? and where are the other files?

    Or is it like setting a reference in the add-in manager to the folder that contains the main addin and then change the file extensions to make them invisible for the tools-addin dialog in XL.

    How is the file again beiing recognized as an XLtemplate or whatever?

    About the add-in manager in the registry
    If I manually add a value to it, I can't see anything in XL
    With or without a ValueValue for Value

    The Value for ValueValue must be the path to the folder that contains the addin with Quotations surrounded, am I right?

    Re: Addin Registry

    thanks, Dennis
    It is visual studio pro (creating an.exe file) that I use to distribute the files.


    If I understand it correctly You want to avoid a situation where some of Your XLAs are viewable via Excel's UI, i e in the add-in dialogform.

    The main thing is, if I create more files for the application, whatever they might be in the future, I can keep them together in one location.

    Aren't there any disadvantages in doing that(program the registry's addin manager), just to be shore?

    What do you mean with changing the extension?
    I'am not familiar with that


    I need some comfirmation on this
    Since my addin is expanded with multiple .XLT and logfiles
    Is it also not a better idea to registrate the addin with installation from a VISTO.exe directly into
    ::HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\10.0\Excel\Add-in Manager

    because then I could have one location with al the files
    Instead off the microsoft addins folder
    Y work in combination with VISTO (already mentioned that)

    Now I am kopying every file to the addins folder and the .XLT folder
    I rather use statements like thisworkbook.path in Exel for adding my logfiles, otherwise they also appear in the Tools-addin list or I have to think off a folder to put them in. Everything gets sort off spread around then and thats not nice. I would like to keep everything in the installationfolder.

    in summary: Registrate directly into the addin manager key
    will work just as good as kopying it to the default addinmap

    Am I right??

    TIA, Richard


    Can somebody give me a headstart with this
    With function below,I can find specific files with extension/name
    The function returns an array

    Now I need to sort them by date created

    I'am thinking I should use the fso object and loop the firstfound array,

    This is where it becomes somewhat difficult for me

    Do I use a two dimensional array to store the information with the upperbound set to the upperbound of the firstfound array?

    How can I sort this array.??

    And then I would pass the array to a two column combobox I guess?

    In summary: What is the best way to go about AND/OR how to sort ??

    Thanks, Richard

    Re: Userform Control Blink

    For me no, not especially
    But I'got part of the code from somewhere
    And I kept this part too
    I changed it now too just load Form
    I was also try 'ing to work with classes

    But besides that, why would that code not work if I create a new instance
    I was wondering about that
    I could avoid such problems in the future then



    a question:
    This code works fine on a normal userform

    But I declared the userform with "New" in my calling procedure

    myForm as New form

    How can I get it to work??
    Or more interesting, why is it not working
    Also what exactly is the advantage of using the keyword New
    I have propertys set in the userform, but other than that..
    Can someone tell me if the load function in this case is better or not

    TIA ,Richard

    I have a problem
    First, if I open de Txtfile on top of the procedure I get errors
    So, I want to try open and closing them again depending on if statements

    If someone can do it better, please help
    Otherwise I need to know how to open it again and write after the last line

    thanks,Richard ([COLOR="Red"]found it! "open for append")[/COLOR]

    can someone solve this problem for me
    I have a workbook with my own application event handler
    I also have a button that first makes a chart as an object on the active sheet and shows it on a form.

    What happens is this:
    if I unprotect-/and protect, the sheet_change_event that has some code that unlocks and expands a table on the sheet depending on my input, won't work anymore. However the class that deals with these application_events is still active. (?myAPP is nothing)
    It's got something todo with creating and deleting the chart
    All the other forms that need to unprotect/protect don't have this problem.
    What can I do to solve the problem??

    Here is some code


    I want to to check if a userform is active, but this line
    makes that the forms's initialize_event is triggerd

    if Fform.visible=true then...[COLOR="Red"]do something else[/COLOR]

    Is there a safe way to check for it??
    or do you have to put it in a different sub :"TestIfActive":
    and in the userform an if statement to check wich routine was this call originated from
    By the way, what is the syntax to check from wich macro it was called from
    something with caller??

    t.i.adv, Richard

    Re: Manage Addin Behaviour Via Registry

    I found this code:
    I also looked at Pearsons site, but that one is really long

    I just need to set, delete,read the regkeys addin-manager and options
    This code does not contain a procedure to set a new key, i think

    I need code that will handle that
    I want to control the behaviour if an addin is loaded at startup
    Haven't figured out yet, wat to do with yhe key's; open, open1, open2, etc


    I have an addin with custom menu's etc

    Is it possible to make a setting in the registry, so next time excel opens
    the addin is not "marked" in the addins-list .
    I can't do it manually because, because the close_event in the addin will be executed and that will screw things up.

    Currently I'm looking at the regkeys: addin-manager and options, I see a change in the registry if I close XL when I unchecked an addin from the addin-list.

    It looks promising, but Iám not familiar with it
    Does anyone know

    thanks, Richard

    Re: Date Compare

    thanks, but it diddn't work
    It evaluates false agaih

    I diddn't mention it before(because I diddn't noticed the obvious, but obviously the variable mijnDatum doesn't have the same problem.Only the time
    causes it.

    For clarity:
    The columns with the range to find(mijnDatum and mijnTijd) are formatted respectivly:
    "MM-YY" and "HH:MM"

    Re: Date Compare

    Here's a part, hope it makes it more clear

    Re: Date Compare

    thanks, I checked that, and yes it was dim myTime as string

    I thought this was not a problem, also myTime holds the value of a listbox
    That's a textvalue, not a date format
    I'm confused now

    I've got it to work with timevalue, but i'am not sure if this is the ideal way to do it
    Maybe, later I run into some errors??


    Does anyone have a quick solution for this

    I have this code:
    It compares a date from a listbox(myTime) to the date on a sheet
    If y have my mouse above the code, they look like they are the same value
    But it evaluates to false??

    If CDate(rngFind.Offset(0, 1)) = CDate(myTime) something

    or could this be the best solution:

    If timevalue(CDate(rngFind.Offset(0, 1))) = timevalue(CDate(myTime)) something

    thanks, Richard