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    Re: Formulas : #VALUE error with VLOOKUP

    I have the same problem. ;P I was trying to reference a range name in a closed workbook. As long as I open the workbook with the referenced data, the formula works but throws #VALUE! error when referenced workbook is closed. So far I've only noticed this problem when I use the =COUNTIF(*,*) function. -roadmax

    Re: random numbers

    This is *possibly* a simpler way...

    In cells A1:A20 on Sheet2 put the formula;


    In cell A1 on Sheet1 put this formula;


    Then copy cell A1 on Sheet1 thru to cell A20 on Sheet1.

    Good Luck!

    Is there a way to have Excel pick a list of random numbers without picking the same number twice? I am probably the *most* basic user of Excel so I would not be able to use any advance features like VBA but I can certainly handle formulas. Thank you! -roadmax