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    Yes it does, thanks. I was hoping to be able to format some of the text on the fly because it is part of an automated system.

    It is nothing crucial to the functionality, so it is no big deal...


    Thanks. I am familiar with csv and tab files and all that fun stuff.

    I was just wondering: is it reliable. Which you seem to imply it is.

    I am also just wondring if I would be able to prepend any formatting instructions along with the text being written.

    No big deal...


    I got a php script working tonight to turn the contents of a MySQL table into an Excel file. Basically it is generating a CSV file and saving it with a .xls extension.

    So far so good actually. Just tested on OS X so far.

    Anyone familiar with any issues with such a thing?

    Also, if this is an okay thing to do, can I embed formatting for text or even embed a graphic? Probably not...

    Thanks :cheers:


    If you have formatting on a number cell to pad with leading zeros, is it possible to capture the formatting when concatenating that value into another cell?

    We are losing the padding and only getting the value. So what is displayed as 001 gets concatenated as simply 1.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks all...