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    Re: Change image based on combo box selection

    Thanks Windy. I had looked at that page as well and did try to follow the example. But like I said, I need super simple. This example showed me that I'm not asking for too much, but it didn't give me the process I needed. I need step-by-step!

    I need a solution in layman's terms!
    I have a form with a combo box listing 3 companies. Based on the selection of the combo box, cells are populated with company name, address, phone, etc.
    I would like to have the company logo to change based on the selection of the combo box.
    Attached is a sample. It contains the combo box and the data to which it references. I have included the logos. I have noted how I would like the page to behave.
    This is not the final version, so it can be marked up as much as needed to explain.

    Re: Calculate using data returned from look up of variable inputs

    Yes, I did bad in creating a title. The problem with not knowing how to do something is it is hard to describe what I am doing. On the bright side, I have played with COUNTIF in conjunction with IF, and I appear have to found a solution! That do I close a thread? :)

    I am trying to make a workbook consisting of 3 pages. The third page will be basically a "data dump," specifically a list of dates.
    Can I use one of the LOOKUP, INDEX, or MATCH functions to cause the behaviour of the first two sheets' formulas to change? A bit more detail...
    Page one and page two of the workbook are calculators. A start number is entered, a list of variables is entered, and dependant on the variables entered, a set of calculations are performed on the starting number and a result is returned.
    What I would like to do is to be able to enter a date on one of these calculation pages, have Excel look for this date on the "Data Dump" page, and use different calculations depending on whether the date appears on the list or not. Am I asking too much of regular formulas, or can I nest some functions to make this happen?