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    Re: Updating values on summary page dynamically

    Also - Attempting to drag formulas across never results in the correct row displaying - even when using $B4 - it locks both of the values this way.
    Resulting in still having to update each cell manually.
    That's not so bad with the size of workbook I uploaded - but the one I reduced it from had 150 sheets - with 8 values per sheet to be updated.
    I'm spending more time with the Test Plan than testing.

    Re: Updating values on summary page dynamically

    I've also been experimenting with a macro which does some of what I want - But - it removes the Test Name and fills the cells with:
    z!'&$b$4 ????
    Sub MyExample()

    Dim x As Integer 'Row
    Dim y As Integer 'Column
    Dim z As String 'Test Name

    For x = 18 To 200

    For y = 5 To 12 'Columns 5 to 12 (E To L)
    Cells(x, 2).Select 'Start with Row 18, Column 2(b)=wHERE tEST nAME lIVES
    Selection.Value = z 'sET z = TEST nAME

    Cells(x, y).Formula = "='z!'&$b$4"
    Next y
    'Selection.Value =

    Next x

    'Selection.Value = x + 1 "Increment Row #
    End Sub

    'Range("D1").Formula = "=A1*B1+C1"
    End Code

    Re: Updating values on summary page dynamically

    Hi Juno,

    Thanks for the Answer.
    I don't really know VBA all that well, yet.

    Every time I attempt to use and INDIRECT Formula I get a reference error.
    I think it may be because the values are derived from formulas.

    I have tried macros and formulas and am at a loss.
    I do not completely understand the syntax of your reply.
    I have attached a greatly reduced copy of the Workbook - All the reference errors are due to sheets I deleted.
    It is the columns E to L which get values from their respective sheets by Test Name.

    I am trying to get a summary sheet in Excel 2007 to update dynamically from each worksheet in the workbook.
    The Summary page contains the sheet name.
    The individual sheets all have a range of values (derived from formulas) which need to be updated on the summary page in the row that the sheet name is in.
    Can you help with this?
    These are large test plans and it is very tedious to have to go in and add something like the following to each cell which needs updated.

    =endptDIAG!b4, =endptDIAG!b5