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    Hi all, hoping you can help with this. When i open a normal workbook with this its fine, but then i open any other type of workbook and it opens but creates two blank excel processes/tabs (not excel tab, a process tab).


    Re: How to format sheet from Macro

    Well i have got to this point with some help but would be good to optimise/clean it a bit more if you see any recommendations?

    Hi there, thanks for reading.

    I am trying to set up a Macro that will automate the formatting of a sheet. I have attached a before and after sheet so you can get the idea and a formatting instruction list below;

    Row 1 = Delete
    Row 2 = Middle Align, Font, Size, Center Text, Colour
    Column A = Delete
    All bordered cells = Change to dots
    Row 2 Down (Range that contains Data) = Middle Align, Font, Size, Center Text, Colour, Wrapping
    Worksheet = Show gridlines
    Sheet Name = Custom

    One way was suggested to set this up in a form of combo box so the formatting can still be automated but custom however for now I am just trying to get help on how i would achieve this automated formatting in a macro which i am to export then import into every sheet needing formatting and run it to speed things up.

    I have tried recording the macro but its not efficient enough and ends up deleting all data when re-running.

    any help is appreciated. thanks,

    Re: Excel -> Word (Textbox Find/Replace) problem

    I am happy to do that when provided a solution which has not happened yet on any site so I will keep bumping until someone helps. If they do then I will post the solution link on all other topics on all 20odd sites I have posted this on.

    Hi, hoping there is a genius amongst us that can help with this :) nobody has managed to yet.

    I have the below code which works 100% for find/replace on non-textbox text in Word however I now want to adjust this so it searches all textboxes instead. I believe 2000+ versions allow this instead of needing to define a single textbox.


    Hi, here is the code I use, works perfectly but the recipient cannot use the macros when they open the emailed copy. Is there anyway to fix this?

    I think it has something todo with FileFormat. This macro will primarily be used on 97 to 2003 and I need to have macros copied over also.