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    Hello again,

    I have a monthly data sheet that displays T/O y.o.y and against budget . I have formula that also works out % to budget and to a phased. All I am looking for is a way to copy the most recent % to phased value into another cell. ie If there is a value in cell 7E then cell AJ5 would display the result from cell 8E. At present i change the formula in row am everyday ...not ideal
    thanks for your help

    Re: Auto Add repeated items

    Thanks , Exactly what I am after , one more thing when I try it I have lots of drop down lists not a data list and then all the relevenat headings aloong the top. I ahve also notoced that mine appear as "count" not "sum". Any ideas ?

    Re: Auto Add repeated items

    Thanks Junho, looks a great site for what i need , Also I will attach an Example of what I am looking at could you point out where and how I would add the subtotals. I am trying to avoid adding rows then doing an auto sum as I have 2500 rows to go through and most have multiple entries

    Hi, Help needed,
    I have a document with 2500 rows of data. It is basically Name, amount sold, % etc.
    I have data sorted these by name and I have many duplicates as my team work in different locations. I am hoping there is a way to total the amount sold for each duplicate name, without having to add a row and auto sum each time. Then I can simply data sort by amount sold to see my best performers. Any tips help and advice greatly appreciated
    Cheers Ped