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    I'm trying to print populated rows from 5 different worksheets.

    I can get them to print out onto 5 different sheets of A4 but would ideally like them to print underneath each other (continous and use less paper) as some times one sheet may only have one populated row.

    This is what I currently use. Thanks for any help.


    Users select a row number which then opens up a Userform.

    Comboboxes and Textboxes on this Userform are then populated with coloumn values (dependant on the row initially selected)

    If the row number was the same each time I could accomplish this by the following.

    Private Sub TextBox1_Enter()
    TextBox1.Value = Range("a1")
    End Sub

    but as its a variable I'm trying the following (which I think should work)

    Private Sub TextBox1_Enter()
    TextBox1.Value = Range("a" & edi & "")
    End Sub

    I think I need to declare the variable 'edi' as Public. If so where should this be? I've tried 'Genereal Declaration'


    Public edi

    If I am barking up the wrong tree can someone please help?


    Hi all

    I want a user to be able to check a forms checkbox. Then the result, be it TRUE or FALSE determines if his or her Application.Username appears in a cell on another sheet within the same workbook.

    Something like this (but it doesnt work)

    If CheckBox20.Value = True Then
            Worksheets("Log").Range("B6") = Application.UserName
    ElseIf CheckBox20.Value = False Then
            Worksheets("Log").Range("B6") = " "
    End If

    Thanks for your time

    I'm trying to do the following.

    Application.OnTime TimeValue(ActiveWorkbook.Sheets("SOD").Range("D3")), "AppStart"

    Can someone point me out to where I am going wrong with the syntax please.

    (Basically the time of the timed event is taken from a cell on another sheet)

    Thanks in advance


    Re: My ComboBox Text selections have a value of '0'


    Its a forms combobox.

    The actual value is wrong before I can even use it in a macro.

    Also, I've made a mistake in my post...the result is not always '0'

    Word No1 = gives a result of '1' in the linked cell
    Word No2 = gives a result of '2' in the linked cell
    Word No3 = gives a result of '3' in the linked cell so on and so on etc etc....

    I just want the linked cell to show the actual text rather than a number.

    I can go around the houses by adding something like the following in a macro but its not ideal.

    If result = 1 then let word = "hello"


    Re: My ComboBox Text selections have a value of '0'

    The combobox is located on my first sheet. The words which populate it are from a range on my 2nd sheet. I done this by double clicking the box, then via the Control Tab I selected the range from sheet 2.

    Theres only one column.


    Hi, probably a very simple one here but I cant work it out.

    I have a combobox with contains around 15 different words. I want a user to select a word and then this word will be included in another macro.

    Problem being the result is always Zero and not the actual text from within the combobox :(

    Can anyone help me out?




    I am using the following VB to email information. This code works at home but fails at work with a 'Run Time Error 287' 'Application Defined or object-defined error'

    It fails at .Recipients.Add "[email protected]"

    The only thing I can think of is some security issue with the macro. But all seems in order.

    Can anyone help?

    Heres the code

    Thanks in advance.


    Re: GetOpenFilename

    Hi Elaine

    With reference to Ivan's reply above, I've recently used the following code . Hope it helps. :)