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    When you are making the toolbar, make sure you make it available to the template you normally use for new documents, probably Then when you create a new document the toolbar should be there.

    Hello. I am having an interesting problem. I have to create a mail merge document, who's number of records will change from day to day. Some days it will fit on a single page, other days it may take up 20 or more. Each page has multiple records on it. Everything works fine except for the automatic page numbering. Word lists every page as page 1 of 1, regardless of the actual number of pages.

    In page setup I have the section start set as continuous, and I have set the page number format to continue from the previous section. I have tried both using the insert menu and the footer toolbar to insert the page numbers, but the result is the same either way. I am using Word 97 on a Win NT 4.0 machine.

    Any thoughts?

    Thanks guys. It was the formatting issue. I didn't realize that Excel was so picky. I always assumed that an empty cell was just an empty cell.

    This place is really great. I feel like I can ask any questions I have. You guys are really good at answering questions in a way that doesn't make me feel stupid for having asked. I just wanted to let you know that I really appriciate both your help and the atmosphere that you all help create.




    One of my co-workers created a new worksheet by modifying an older one. The older one had several thousand rows more than the new worksheet, but the scrollbar still goes all the way into the 8000's. Is there any way to tell Excel that those extra rows are no longer in use.

    I would like to be able to use the scrollbar to get to the bottom of the file, which only has 2500 rows, instead of ending up well past there.


    I have whatever workbooks I have open, plus one called datefix.xla. I cannot access this project, as it requires a password. No-one else seems to have it on their machine, but I didn't install it. In fact, I can't install or uninstall anything on my machine.

    1. They are hidden modules that I have never even heard of, so I have no idea what they even are.

    2. The error started immediately after I used the previously mentioned code, but now seems to be unrelated to any particular file.

    It only crops up when I actually open or close the Excel program, even if I open/close it without accessing any workbooks. Once Excel is open, I can open and close any number of workbooks without getting an error message.

    As for add-ins and such, only an administrator can install anything on my machine. I work on a network, and updates are performed through the network. All machines are updated at once, and I am the only one having this problem.

    Yes. The code works just fine, and does exactly what I want it to do. In fact, I'm not at all certain that this is what is causing the error, as the error has continued even after removing the code. Additionally, it happens whenever I open and close Excel, and it doesn't matter if I opened that workbook or not.

    The other day I was in here asking for a way to display the last save date automatically. I used the following method, as described in one of the responses:

    Private Sub Workbook_BeforeSave(ByVal SaveAsUI As Boolean, Cancel As Boolean)

    ActiveSheet.PageSetup.CenterFooter = Now()

    End Sub

    Now I am getting an error message when I close Excel (not individual workbooks, just the program itself).

    Complie error in hidden module: modDJScommandbars.

    And when I open Excel:

    Compile error in hidden module: modAppOpenClose

    Any thoughts on what this might be or how to fix it? I'm running Excel 97 on a Windows NT 4.0 machine.


    If the birthdates are in the A column, and you want to put the age in the B column.

    In b1 put "=rounddown((now()-a1)/365, 0)" This will give the age of the person in question, cutting off any partial years. For example, if a person is 26 and 8 months, it will show 26.

    I am running on Win NT 4.0 (I think), and using Excel 97.

    I am trying to automatically insert the date a workbook was last changed into the footer of the worksheet. All I can get it to do is display the current date. Any ideas?