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    Re: Looking up values, VLOOKUP, MATCH

    i would like to say your welcome but it was already done for me by the time I got back onto forum so your thx should be passed on to whoever the kind soul who did it was. :)

    Re: Looking up values, VLOOKUP, MATCH

    thx rbrhodes that is near to exactly what i need, you have just saved me a good 3 hours of my life each week.

    I couldnt seem to get access to your sheet Excelman but thx for your help and others too. Very much appreciated.

    Re: Not sure where to start sorry

    i think we may be talking cross purposes here (or prolly more like i am not explaining myself clearly sorry as i said I am not up on any of this).

    The first sheet i get wont always be in the same order and as there will be various names added and removed from list as it goes along i wont be able to data/sort them into the same list each time so I need the formula to be able to pick out "John Smith" from the list and then paste the data in the next 10 cells onto second sheet no matter what cell his name appears in from week to week in the list i receive.

    Re: Not sure where to start sorry

    ok i have the list of names and stats in sheet 1 and the formula I am using is in sheet 2 A1

    =VLOOKUP("John Smith",Sheet1!A1:A350,10,FALSE)

    but i keep getting a #ref am i missing something simple here?

    OK sorry if this is covered somewhere else and if it is please by all means point me to where but I dont know much about formulas etc so i dont even know what formula to look up and learn about.

    What i am try to do is create a sheet that will search a sheet with 350+ rows of stats and if for example it finds a row where the first cell in a row is "John Smith" it will enter the following 10 cells into my sheet againt the corresponding "John Smith" row in my sheet.

    Is this possible?