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    I am at design stage of my spreadsheet model.

    I plan to have a Listbox in which user should be able to make multiple selections. Based on user's multiple selection, I want it to return their respective position/values in the list). I plan to use these position/values (in conjunction with Index function) to define criteria for Dsum function, which in turn will be used [on my raw data] to return basic input values for my spreadsheet model.

    My questions are
    -Which List-Box should I use- Form or Control Tool-bar List box? Does one has an advantage over other in terms of manipulation via code.

    -If someone could share the code which can return selection's respective position/values in the list.

    I hope I am clear. I apologize for any confusion. I tried searching for answers but couldnot land on something which answer my question.

    Thanks for your help and any insight will be appreciated.


    Re: Resetting combo boxes to a default value


    Thanks for the quick reply. I apologize for the confusion.

    a) Combo boxes are from Form toolbox.
    b) I believe that the code suggested will reset all combo boxes in the model
    [correct me if I am wrong]. I want the user to be able to use the Reset C-
    01 button in the attached excel file to reset just the criteria 01 combo
    boxes and not affect the other combo-boxes.

    It will be great if you could guide me. Thanks again for being so considerate and for your time


    Hello again

    I am attempting to build a model. The user makes several selections via various combo boxes [placed in different columns]. I want to give the user to flexibility to reset a group of combo boxes. e.g

    Reset combo boxes in row 1- Row 1 has combo 1 ,3,8,9 10.

    I am also attaching an excel file to be more clear.

    The reset button [reset c-01 in file] should reset the value of combo boxes [criteria 01 in file] to the first value in the source-list feeding each combo box/drop-down.

    I am a novice and tried searching through the forum but couldnot understand the complex examples. If someone can guide me with some code, it will be great

    Any insight will be appreciated.

    Thanks and regards

    I am in process of developing complex model in excel.

    It has 4 tables[Table A, B,C, D] where user has to go in and make different selections. At the moment, it invloves quite a bit of scrolling from one table to next. I have attached the file which has a snapshot of the model showing different tables.

    I ended up writing something which selects the cells and not puts them on screen. Can some one share code for displaying/viewing a range of cells.
    Any insight will be much appreciated



    Re: Validation List Reset

    Thanks for the insight..I will change the lists to the combo boxes..

    Will I then be able to record the reset macro or I will need to write the code.

    If you can give me an example, where it was done in a file..that will be super

    Thanks again for replying so promptly and keeping this forum alive and kicking...


    I have a worksheet in which different fields are using different data validation lists. User will go and make selections for the various fields.

    I want to have a reset macro which will reset the all the different fields to a specific choice in datalists.

    I tried recording a macro. went to each field and selected the choice in list..It doesnot work..

    Any insight will be helpful