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    Re: Vlookup Return Same Values With Text File

    Thanks John for ur generous help!

    Hi Krishnakumar,

    This "Long" formula is really amazing, I'm still studying it.

    I do have another problem, which I encounter often in my work.

    For eg. Field 1 in "sheet2", would contain other "vendor" codes which I have to manually remove b4 I can use the lookup formula?

    How can I do so without changing the original data?
    I've enc the wkhst & highlighted the area.

    Many thanks!:)

    Re: Print Daily Oders With Macro


    I trying to match the a/c nos using formulas but I'm already stuck converting bet. the a/c no. formats 1.234.567 & 1234567.

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.



    I've recv 2 files daily:
    1) Daily total orders (pls see 142092006.xls)
    2) Indv'l client order details (pls see client_orders.xls)

    I've to print out all the order details (bet 50 to 100 indvl clients) to check & sign-off daily.

    The daily order wkbk contains only last 3 digits of a/c no. & is not in any sequence.

    The indv'l client order details contain the full a/c no & is not in any sequence. It may contain order(s) or may be empty.

    I would like to know if I could match the daily order to the respective client's a/c no. & then prinout the indv'l client order details with a macro.

    Thanks in adv.


    After several searches on summing, I've posted my query.

    I've an excel wksht exported from AS400.
    (pls see enc.)

    The data shown sits among a huge amt of unneccesary "chrs" but I'ved filtered them out for clarity's purpose.

    The "headers" in bold are unique & do not repeat.
    The records between each header may increase or decrease.
    The "-" negative sign "sits behind".

    Reason why I hope to use VBA as there're many wkshts to manually export daily & I wish to reduce the error by manual summing.

    I wish to sum up the total of each "headers" by 3 main categories using VBA.
    (As shown in a manual formula in the wksht)

    Hope to get some advice.

    Many thanx in adv.

    Find list of a/c & insert pg break


    This works fine!

    I've tried to record every single step of what I do b4 using da macro record button but da code is really terrible.

    Many thanx 4 ya help!

    I'll go on to work out a macro to control my print out.



    I've an excel spreadsheet which i d/l everyday which contains bank a/c nos.
    An eg of the a/c no. : "0123456789 ABCD A/C FFFF".

    I've to go thru ea a/c no. & insert a horizontal pg break.
    Reason is I've to print out ea individual a/c & distribute them.

    Is there a way to do it in VBA if the full list of a/c nos. is known?

    Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanx in adv.


    I've got a list of accs which I d/l everyday.
    It contains bot 70 accs.

    I've to open it wif excel, go thru ea acc no. & insert a horizontal pg break manually.
    The reason is I've gotta print them out individually & distribute them.

    Is there a way to match & find them if I have a full list of the accs, & then insert a pg brk on ea acc using VBA?

    I've enc a sample sht, the acc nos. are highlighted in yellow. Some notes & what I need 2 do:

    1) The a/c nos will appear everyday but some may be added or deleted; they may also repeat themselves.

    2) Ea a/c no. is unique.

    3) I sometimes may need to preview juz 1 or a few selected accs b4 I print them.

    4) The rows highlighted in red are the horizontal pg brks I hope to achieve.

    Hope 2 get some pointers.

    Thx & Regs,
    Kai -_-"...

    Re: Conditional row format, lookup vals in a column

    I'll try to explain in more details:

    I want to filter & sort the list according to my needs:

    1) Remove rows that I do not need. I've a pre-planned list of the codes that I only wanna sort.

    2) Sort the list according to my planned "codes" sequence.
    1st 826819
    2nd 6735577

    3) Then sort them in ascending order.

    My objective is to reduce errors & save checking time.

    Thx v much!

    Re: Conditional row format, lookup vals in a column

    Thx Krishnakumar,

    It works fine, just that if I have a much larger list to go thru,
    do i need VBA instead? (the codes I need do not change that often but can go up to 50)
    Also, I may need other functions such as looking up the codes & hiding the rows I do not need.

    Many thanks,


    I received a excel price list everyday which I need to match to my system data.

    I wish to highlight the entire row & bold the "price" cell with the desired "codes" .

    E.g. B0134D8, 6592006, etc
    I may need to highlight up to 50 codes.
    The values in Column "Code" are alphanumeric.

    I've tried conditional format but couldn't get it to work.
    I've also search thru the forum but couldn't match a similar solution.

    Enc is a wksht with the data.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.



    I have copied ALL folders from a CD to HDD 4 bkup purpose.
    There's a MsWord file which contains a TOC.
    However, the hyperlinks do not point 2 the directory where I copied to.
    It still retains the original CD add:
    eg. file:///g:\Vol 1\FRS\FRS 1.doc
    (where g:\ is CD-ROM drive)

    Q: Can I change the hyerplinks 2 the correct corresponding hyperlinks by a whole batch (using VBA)?

    If not, when I copy from CD to HDD, how can I ensure 'relative referencing' for the hyerperlinks to their new locations?

    Thanx & Regs