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    Hi guys,

    Right now, I have an excel spreadsheet which displays the progress of the project by the cell colour(namely blue and red).

    Does excel allow me to write a macro to calculate the total number of blue and the total number of red cells?

    Thanks :)

    Hi guys,

    Currently I have a macro which is activated by clicking a button on the active sheet and its working fine.

    When I copy the file onto another computer, nothing happens when I click on the button. I have tried it on a few others computers and its working fine, I suspect it may have to do with some settings.

    I have already tried playing around with the macro security option and it still won't work, would really appreciate it if you guys could lend me a hand here.

    Thanks! :)

    Hi guys,

    Currently, I have written an excel VBA program which automatically generates a weekly report.

    Is it possible to write a macro which automatically sends a copy of the generated report via email to a list of recipients every friday?

    The email client used here is lotus notes, can excel vba be integrated to work with lotus notes?

    Thanks alot :)

    Hi guys,

    I'm currently writing a word VBA and I have ran into problems.

    My macro is supposed to search for the word "Forms" and select all the text until it reaches the word "Mixing".

    Attached is a image and my source code, I'm new to VBA and would appreciate it if someone could help me.

    Thanks :) :thanx:

    [Blocked Image:]

    Hi guys,

    Pardon me for the horrible image, mspaint is the only imaging tool avaliable in the office. I'm new to VBA and have questions regarding a word macro.

    Doc A,B and C consist of 3 sections, of which "Agenda" is one of them. When Doc C is opened, my macro is supposed to copy all the text under the "Agenda" section from Doc A,B and then paste it in the "Agenda" section in Doc C.

    Can anyone pls give me some pointers on how to write such a macro? I have been doing trial & error and reading up articles/forums on the net but to no avail.

    Your help is greatly appreciated, thanks! :) :thanx:

    [Blocked Image:]