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    Re: Prevent data being deleted by using "DEL" key in a protected spreadsheet

    Thanks! that worked really well!

    Although I have just discovered another issue...

    Even with the Data Validation rule - when I hit "Backspace" that still removes the data from the cell....I don't think that should be the issue and I have no idea why that's happening.

    Any ideas?


    Hi all,

    I have created a protected spreadsheet for work - I have managed to stop the cut/paste function however I am struggling to figure out how to stop them just hitting the "Delete" button on the keyboard and removing everything.

    Essentially - there are a few sections in the spreadsheet and each section has an "Approved" yes/no/pending status. I only want people to be able to edit/delete when the status is "pending". I have managed to do this using Data Validation....however they can still just hit the "Delete" key and everything is gone.

    Any help?? Basically when Approved = either "Yes" or "No" I want to disable the Delete key.

    Any ideas?