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    Re: Search and Replace text

    I would be happy to take on this development. What is your time frame for completion? Have you paid 10% to Ozgrid? Can you also supply a sample workbook please.

    Re: Return Currently Displayed Outline Level

    If you just want to group and ungroup

    I have found OutlineLevel property always returns 2.

    Re: I want to create labelling by using macro kindly help

    An option would be

    See attached workbook for an example - if you want to generate every label on the sheet you will just need to change the Const values

    Re: copy/paste valid value between worksheet

    As the layout for Sheet1 and Sheet2 are different you will need to copy in sections but it is straight forward. For example to copy Advertiser, Engine, Campaign from sheet1 to (my assumption is next available cell on Sheet2) you would reference the sheets and use a simple method to determine the range to copy

    Notice the way to find the last cell in the row

    ws.Cells(Rows.Count, "A").End(xlUp).Row

    In the paste - you need to find the last row and add 1 if you want to keep appending data to sheet2. This should give you enough information to do the rest yourself. If this is not what you require then please supply more information with some examples in the sample workbook.
    Note: Consider redesign of the workbook so you can copy the entire block of data in one go rather than copying in sections.

    Re: Best Chart / Graph Design for My Data

    Do you have a reference for the article (not a Wiki, FB page or a blog) - preferably the Journal/Original Source of the publication. If this is a peer reviewed article generally there will be a description of the statistical methods used in the study. This would help clarify how best to represent the data (if it has not already been done - no point reinventing the wheel) :)

    Re: Weighted median

    This UDF should do what you require - it will calculate the weighted median of the average number of applicants per vacancy for a specific state - it will not take into account any zero values. Vacancies is the weighting factor.
    The formula is =WeightedMedianAvg(StateRng,Vacancies_Range,Applicants_Range)
    So select the State as a single cell (as a parameter it is a range) then select the range of Vacancies, then the range of applicants
    e.g. =WeightedMedianAvg(A2,I2:I12,D2:D12) A2 contains the State, the second range is the vacancies and the third range is the applicants. I have done it this way as it means that you can have the State column, Applicant column and Vacancy column anywhere in the workbook - they do not have to be together. However the ranges of the Applicants and Vacancies need to start at the same row and end at the same row in the formula. All parameters are validated prior to carrying out calculation. If this check fails the formula will generate #Value.
    I have attached a workbook as well with some dummy data.

    Re: Weighted median

    The way I was intending to write this now that this is clear would be
    =WeightMedAvg(State,State Range, Vacancy Range, Applicant Range)
    State would be a string representing the state and the 3 Ranges would be the 3 columns (State, No of Vacancies, No of Applicants) - that way the 3 columns do not have to be next to each other - as long as the data for State is in 1 column, Applicants in 1 column and Vacancies in 1 column then the formula could have 4 parameters giving you the greatest flexibility in your workbook design. Prefer not to hard code in columns as it reduces portability of the UDF. I am currently at work - will write when I get home - will not take long to do.

    Re: Borders Outline using Macro don't line up

    This is the Hire Help Forum. Are you looking to hire someone to solve this problem for you?

    If so you must state how much you are willing to pay and 10% of this amount must be paid to Ozgrid. If you do not want to hire someone please advise

    Re: Dynamic file path

    For those who utilise the forum as a source of information and education would you like to share your solution? Sharing knowledge I like to think is a foundation principle of Ozgrid.

    Re: INDIRECT Link with another worksheet cell value

    I cannot test as network path but as indirect takes a string for local would be

    So without testing try

    Re: Find unique column of data

    I cannot think of a faster way - however to maybe just increase speed slightly (I assume you are using option 2) add an Exit For statement

    At least that way it will stop once it has found the result and not test more columns once it has the result.
    (Sorry Apo - credited wrong person for the scripting dictionary suggestion)

    Re: Find unique column of data

    Actually in case the column with unique values has empty rows just change the line

    If tstResult = Cells(Rows.Count, k).End(xlUp).Row Then


    If tstResult = WorksheetFunction.CountA(testRng) Then

    Re: Find unique column of data

    You could use the following if there are no empty rows

    Or as Apo suggested this would work if there are some rows with empty values (as long as the unique column does not have empty rows)

    Try attached workbook

    Re: Weighted median

    A UDF will do this - just so I am clear your original post says


    weighted median for the average number of applicants per vacancy by state

    Does that mean you want the weighted median of the average for EACH state - so in effect there will be a result for each state. In you last post for example - that would be the calculation for ONE state?
    Or have State as a parameter in the UDF along with the range containing the data
    eg = WeightMedAvg(state,range)

    Re: Weighted median

    Do you actually mean weighted median (for those only with applicants and vacancies) or really do mean weighted median of the averages? If the latter is the case what do you use as the weighting for the averages? Based on your answers is a VBA solution acceptable?

    Re: Creating a Bill of material generation

    I am really trying to help you but I am really struggling to understand. Could you perhaps show an example sample input and and example sample output. I understand you need the results to a different sheet but I still do not know what the inputs will be. Show me a sample input on a sheet and show me how the output should appear. Show me step by step what the user will use as inputs (I assume a drop down box for each input?) - As I say I am happy to help but you need to explain in details with examples and I will try to work something out for you.

    Re: Edit VBA code for saving data with merged cell

    I am not sure exactly about which duplicate values you want to remove - you had selected all of them however I changed it to what I think you were trying to do. You may have to adjust to your needs.