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    Re: Compare Cells By Suffix & Left Characters

    Mr. Hawley,

    I have been accused (on many occasions) of trying to over-complicate. Sometimes, all that is needed is the simplest.

    (Ok, so you all just go to the website, log in or register, then locate the calender, then....

    Um. Couldnt we just tell you if we want the day off?

    Oh. Um. Ok. Not as much fun....


    Re: Sheet Link

    you will have to open the fiile. Even if you use code to do it, u will have t open the file. Is that what you want? With the link, it will ask u to update and if you say yes, it will.

    Re: Match Function in Code Not Finding Value

    Replace match function with match2(hi) or match2(lo) and add code below

    Error may be in the range matched, not in "hi" or "lo" - not sure.
    But its one or the other.
    This just forces it. I love band-aid coding!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Treat the symptom, not the problem. Its good!!!! Makes the code real long.

    Re: Match Function in Code Not Finding Value

    I modified this to get it to work. I think you have multiple errors. They are right, I think. Part of the problem is 9.85 aint.

    my changes are marked ***

    I ain't saying its right, only that it runs now. Why, I dunno.....

    What are we analysing?

    Re: Add Shapes To UserForm Via Code

    If you only need squares, you can make a nice line by using a label, background set to black, height = to 1 and no text.

    Four of those (2 with width set to 1 instead ) could make a nice square which could be moved.

    Of course you could just use one label for the same effect. but it can be moved.

    Re: Convert Formula To Macro Code


    so much.

    lets see.

    I modified your formula with a custom function.

    Now column B3 reads: =mat_01('PC OD'!B769)

    That was just to make is easier to read.

    Modified with my function the code would read

    That was the first one. You should get the idea. I think that answers your question?

    Re: Formula To Vb Code

    and for heaven's sake, hurry up will ya. I gotta go to work in a few minutes.......

    7:30 AM update. Gotta go to work. Will check tonight. Likely someone will help you by then. Fairly easy problem. If no one has helped, I will do it.

    Wasnt sure why you were using the ceiling function. Seemed like you rounded to the value not the next multiple of a value. Anyway. Back later.

    Re: A Survey Of Spreadsheet Users

    I'll offer up my own tale.

    I watched a group of adminstrative staff struggle with 8 hours of work ( x 10 people ) as they sorted through a massive data dump, and put the nuggets they gleaned into a calendar. This occurred once per month.

    Two weeks of my time resulted in abnout a 60 sec run time for each of them.

    Lets see now....

    My time ($50/hour) x 80 = $4000
    Their time ( 10 people, x 8 hours x 12 months x $15/hour) = ~ $14,000 per year.

    Savings of $10,000.

    Was that spectacular? No. But it was a good solid return on a $4000 investment. I suspect there are a great many tales just like that out there.