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    I have data set as follows

    1999 1999 2000 2000
    4.5 5 5.5 6
    Status1 100 50 60 70
    Status2 200 10 50 60

    I need to plot a stacked bar graph with year in X axis with the bars in the graphs showing the status as well as the rates 4.5,5,6

    can anyone help me with this graph


    Re: Compare columns and insert rows


    Thanks for the help. But I think I was not clear in communicating my requirements. I am attaching a new spreadsheet which has the data the way I get it and then the way I want it.

    The macro that you gave deletes rows. However, I want to insert rows so that the concatenates that are the same are aligned in the same row.

    Thanks in advance for the help.

    Hi ,

    I need some help with this project that I am working on.

    I have to compare the information received from two systems and calculate differences.

    I am enclosing a excel spreadsheet with a small population of data. I would like to automate what is shown in the file.

    The column with the heading concatenate is a unique identifier field. Comparison has to be done between the two concatenate fields and the rows that have matching concatenate fields must be aligned.

    If the values in the concatenate fields do not match then the macro must search and see if there is a match. If no match then it should insert rows to make sure that the row which does not have a match is a seperate row.

    Thanks in advance for the help.


    I have date in the format 06-Aug-03. The day in all the dates in the file has to be changed to 01.Is there a way to code this in VB to automatically check the date and have the day changed to 01 if the day is <> 01.

    Thanks in advance


    Re: Vlookup


    My sheets are numbered (1), (2). SO I changed the formula to include the paranthesis. The formula works in parts - ("'"&"("+(ROW()-1)&")"&"'" returns the sheet number. However the same fails when I include the "Indirect" formula and incorporate into the vlookup.

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance


    Re: Vlookup

    Hi Pradeep,

    I get a #ref error message. Tying to figure it out. Thanks for the help


    I have 263 worksheets with account activity information for each account seperatelt in each sheet. I have a master sheet with account numbers and would like a vlookup to go and look up acitivity from each sheet.

    Ex: Master sheet
    Account1 - VLOOKUP(D4,'(1)'!$B$20:$BA$1000,8,FALSE))
    Account2 - VLOOKUP(D4,'(2)'!$B$20:$BA$1000,8,FALSE))
    Account3 - VLOOKUP(D4,'(3)'!$B$20:$BA$1000,8,FALSE))

    Is there a way where the number of the sheet can be made to change automatically (1), (2) when I copy and paste the formula to the next row.

    Please help