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    I need to hide different rows based on a cell value.

    The target cell will always be the same, but there are eight different values in the drop down list in the cell.

    I am using Worksheet Change in VBA but it is not working
    Note: A user may select a value from the drop down list in the Target Cell, but may then change their mind and select another value.
    I need only the rows hidden for the selection chosen in the drop down list.
    All other rows should be shown.
    Following is a sample of code I am trying to use

    Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)
       If Target.Address = "$L$22" Then
            Rows("26:36").Hidden = (Target.Value = "NEW PHONE & MOBILE NUMBER")
            Rows("24:32").Hidden = (Target.Value = "DATACARD FOR LAPTOP")
    End If
    End Sub

    When selecting NEW PHONE & MOBILE NUMBER, rows 26:32 are hidden as expected, but if I then change the selection in the target cell to DATACARD FOR LAPTOP only rows 24:26 are hidden. Rows 27:32 are not hidden

    Have approx 2000 Mobile Phone charge records each month. Each Mobile record is assigned a reporting Managers email address.

    Each record includes the following data
    Service Number
    Service Name
    Calls & Usage Charges
    Other Charges or Credits
    Service Access Charges
    Total Charges Inc. GST
    Billing Month
    Reporting Line Manager
    Name Manager Email

    I want to be able to do the following with the monthly data:

    For each Managers email id, generate a email containing all the mobile phone charges which belong to the managers email as a spreadsheet.
    Also want to be able to include a standard email message in the body of the email.

    I have attached a sample file of data.
    In the sample file, there are 16 mobile phone records which belong to manager email [email protected]
    There are another 12 mobile phone records for manager [email protected]

    What I am after is a macro that the automatically generate a email to [email protected] with a spreadsheet containing the 16 records belonging to him and another email to [email protected] with a spreadsheet containing the 12 records belonging to him

    Any help with this would be much appreciated

    Re: Using SUMIF combined with VLOOKUP

    Hi Windy,

    thanks for your reply. I know that Pivot Tables could be easliy be used to acheive what I am looking for here, but would like to understand how to manage it using a formula to upskill my knowledge in Excel

    Any assistance with this would be appreciated when you have some time.



    I am trying to use SUMIF combined with VLOOKUP to return dat based on mulitple criteria

    I have 2 Spreadsheets
    Spreadsheet 1 contains the following columns with data. This spreadsheet is called Invoice Register and each month invoices from Customers will be entered into this spreadsheet

    Customer Name
    Invoice #
    Invoice Total

    The 2nd Spreadsheet has Customer Name and a seperate column for each month of the year. This spreadsheet is called Running Invoice Totals

    I need to build a SUMIF combined with VLOOKUP formula to do the following

    Lookup Customer Name in 2nd spreadsheet against Customer Name in 1st spreadsheet
    If Customer Name found, then if Month in 1st spreadsheet = MMM ( eg Jul), then return the total sum of all invoices for the customer in the month of Jul

    I have attached a file with some sample data.
    This is most probably basic stuff, but have had difficulty in finding a correct answer on how to build this type of combination with multiple criteria

    Any assistance will be much appreciated

    Hi, I have a Excel Form on which I need to run a Macro to check some key cells and if the cells are empty, I want to inform the user which cell is empty and then have the macro go to the empty cell.

    There may be multiple empty cells in the form

    I have setup the following macro, but it doesn't seem to work. It only finds the first empty cell and then ignores any other empty cells.

    Also not sure how to get the macro to return the user to each empty cell for required actions
    I have added the macro I have put together below. Any assistance with this would be great.