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    Re: Vlookup with Dynamic Value

    Hi converteds,

    Thanks for your solution. It works out perfectly.

    The formula I tried was "=INDEX(A2:E27,COUNTIF(A2:A27,"<"&A34)+1,5)"

    I had to use the formula in other workbook hence modified to "=INDEX([req1.xls]Sheet1!$A$2:$E$27,COUNTIF([req1.xls]Sheet1!A2:A27,"<"&A7)+1,5)"

    It is giving me correct Week ends for all the dates I tried. Will be always right?

    Thanks a lot!

    (PS: Please let me know if I need to mark the thread solved in forum)


    I need to do a Vlookup, which will pick the required details depending on the date.

    Week DateDetails 1Details 2CommentsManagerID

    Work file:

    DateQuarterRelevant WeekCommentsManagerID

    I need to look up Date in column A of My work file with Week end in column A of master table, determine which week end the date falls and pick relevant values as in example (marked in yellow).

    Thanks a lot!

    Program Steps

    The program needs to find words in {} in Template sheet
    find relevant column in Data sheet
    substitute the data inside {} from the respective column and remove {}
    save for all combinations below template

    This is something similar to mail merge in word, but data is dynamic.

    Thanks a lot in advance.