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    I hope I'm not doing someone's homework, but this is a normal distribution table that you can exactly duplicate in excel.

    the NORMDIST function wants four arguments. First is the point on the distribution you want. Here it is the sum of the number on the left and the number on the top of the table (0.1 + 0.01) for second row, second column.

    Second is the mean for your normal distribution. Here they are using a mean of zero. Third is the standard deviation of your normal distribution. Here they are using 1.

    Fourth is True if you want the area under the curve.

    Only trick here is they are showing area above the point, not below. So just calculate 1 minus the NormDist result.

    If this was homework, please read your statistics book. This stuff is important.:biggrin:

    That .name= command actually sets up a named range with the results range in it. The problem is it is not the name you tell it because it puts a number after it. (Try looking at /Insert/Names to see what you have after running this).

    So I put

    MySavedName = .name

    right after the .name line. This just saves the actual name of the range of answers. Then at the bottom put in something like

    ThisWorkbook.Names.Add Name:="MyTable", RefersTo:= _

    From then on the range MyTable is your data you downloaded from SQL.

    Click on the tab for the first sheet, Hold down Shift and click on the tab for the last sheet. Now all sheets are marked.

    Do tools/options/gridlines

    click on one sheet tab to unmark all others.

    Note: if you do not select all the sheets, you must click on an unselected sheet to unselect the other group.

    Sorry, I haven't used excel 97 in about 3 years and forget the details. But I do remember something about an early version of excel not understanding a quarter of a year.

    Maybe someone who still has that version can help.

    Make your table four columns with column titles. The columns are ID, AppraisalDate, YourWordingforTimeofYear, appraisal. (Pick your own headings).

    Make your pivot table, drop the ID on the left column, the date and the Wording on the top and the appraisal in data. Put your "End of year appraisal" etc. in the wording column.

    Go to pivot table options and eliminate totals.

    Go to top of pivot table and right click on date. Select grouping and put by year.
    go to top of table and right click on wording. Select move right (if needed).
    Also right click and select "Field Settings" and select subtotals NONE.

    I did this in XP, don't know what you are using.

    Sorry, I see this was addressed (though not solved).

    I have since discovered that the real issue is that I close the copy of excel with my tool bars FIRST. If instead I close the bad copy without my toolbars, then I am ok.

    Also, I had attached all my toolbars to an empty workbook so I could get them back by just opening the workbook.

    Don't know if people reply to msgs this old. But, I just posted (3/31 9:am) a similar question. I have found the problem. See that message

    I keep loosing my custom toolbars and my changes to the standard toolbars in Excel in XP.

    I have finally discovered that it happens when I accidently double click on the excel icon in the part of the screen where I am supposed to single click. It opens two copies of excel and (if I have double clicked fast enough or the computer is busy) the second one won't have my toolbars. Then the toolbars are lost and I have to recreate them.

    Any suggestions other than "Don't do that!" I have spent 15 years double clicking and can't help it.