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    Hi there,

    Wonderring if anyone knows if you can add a hyperlink that once clicked will run VB code.

    I would like to create code that once you highlight a selection, it will create the top line as headers, and allow you to click on a cell in the header to sort the entire selection... like tables on web pages that will sort ascending/descending when you click the field.

    Thanks, any help on this would be appreciated!


    Re: XLdown cell referance

    That wont help you if cell A6 is blank. Hows aboot

    If Range("a5").Offset(1, 0).Value = "" Then
        Range("A5").End(xlDown).Offset(1, 0).Select
    End If

    Hi there,

    I have a list of job numbers in an Excel sheet. In a different directory, I have workbooks named using the job number, for estimating the job. I would like to have formulas on the list sheet that give me totals on the list sheet.

    Is there a way to do this without having to manually change the formulas?

    eg Job number 1325 in the list, the formula I would need would be


    Thanks for any pointers!!


    Re: Create a count matrix

    Ok, so for duplicated "ItemID"'s what should be counted?

    If it is a duplicate, it should just be counted once, but what about when there is a duplicate "ItemID" and different values for "Status" and "Process"?

    i.e. Item 18309 day 1 = RDE and WASTEBASKET, day 2 = RDE and PROBLEM

    I'm not sure if this can be done or not...

    What I would like to do is, create a text box, a form, or anything really that could display an amount that is calculated in another cell, and have the box stay visible on the sheet if you scroll.

    I am trying to design a quote sheet, and would like this box to have totals displayed.

    Any help suggestions would be very much appreciated!


    Re: Row Delete by Countif function

    What about this?

    Sub DeleteEmptyRows()
        Dim LastRow As Long, i As Long
        LastRow = ActiveSheet.UsedRange.Rows(ActiveSheet.UsedRange.Rows.Count).Row
        For i = LastRow To 1 Step -1
            If WorksheetFunction.Sum(Rows(i)) = 0 Then
            End If
        Next i
    End Sub

    Re: Freezing check boxes

    That is great, thanks a lot....

    I actually did think of that way as well.... however, this is something that will be used all across Canada and the US, so holliday's are different. Thought the checkbox way would be easier then trying to maintain a callendar for all areas... and having to update it each year...

    Re: Freezing check boxes

    Ok, but what I am trying to acomplish with the checkboxes is that if it is a day Monday through Friday, but is a stat holliday, the OT rate would apply the same as a weekend day.

    Re: Freezing check boxes

    Hi there, thanks for looking at this...

    I have a small example of what I am trying to do. This is going to be used for job estimating.

    After the user enters the start date, and length of the job, the date, and day of week are formula driven. If it is beyong the needed date, I would like the column hidden.

    The checkboxes are for OT hours. OT is for every hour of weekend, and I want the checkbox there in case of hollidays.

    I know I could just use another field, and have them enter "Y" or "N", but I just think the checkboxes are easier, if I can find a way to hide the columns, have them unhide without the boxes moving.

    Thank you so much!

    Hi there,

    I have a spreadsheet with days across the columns. Each of these have a checkbox under the date, the user can check the box if it's a holliday....

    The user enters the number of days needed, and columns are hidden for unneeded days.

    My problem is, that if I close the sheet with columns hidden, and then want to change the number of days and unhide the columns, all the previously hidden checkboxes are in the far right "Total" column. I do have them locked, and in preferences set to move with the cells...

    Is there a way to have them always attached to their specific column?


    Re: Changing a drop box

    Ok... this is what I meant...

    You pick the "Activity" in colum A, and it populates the rate in column C. If you pick "Other" the rate is blank, and allows you to enter the amount. If you then change the activity, it will change the rate accordingly.

    If you use a formula in the rate field, it would enter the rate according to the activity selected... however, if you chose "Other" and enter the rate you would be enterring over your formula.

    Re: Changing a drop box

    You're right that would work... however, if there is an amount edited in that field for "Other" it would overwrite the formula... and if it is then changed to one of the types with a rate assigned, you would have to enter the amount, or re-copy the formula....