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    Re: Create/Update sheets based on added/modified information on master sheet

    I realized that the version you provided overwrites each sheet and therefore removes the manually entered data under the Additional Awards and Additional Extra Curricular categories.

    After additional review, I think you're right about not wanting to delete sheets. If someone's named gets changed, all their information might accidentally be deleted.

    Re: Create/Update sheets based on added/modified information on master sheet

    This attached file includes my modifications.


    I'm not entirely sure I understand how you'd have it call the sheet only once. I see how that is more efficient, but I can't really figure out how this is working with my limited VBA knowledge. At this point, if it works, that's fine by me! I have reviewed the file you uploaded and here are my comments:

    1. I added code to make the titles bold on each person's page
    2. Can it be made to detect deleted 'x' and update the lists? I noticed that it will overwrite old values but if there are now fewer boxes marked with an x there will be duplicates. I'm not sure how it's running now, but perhaps it'd be better to clear the contents and repopulate the list each time?
    3. Can it be made to detect deleted people and delete their corresponding sheet?
    4. There is some sub functions commented out, do those need to stay?

    That's all I noticed that I feel needs changing. Overall this is fantastic! Thank you so much!


    Does this replace some of the code supplied by Smallman? Should I put this in and replace some of the older code or should I use what Smallman provided. I have no clue how to tell which will work better.

    I do not know VBA yet I've been asked by my commanding officer to create this file from scratch. I've been trying to learn but I could really use a lot of help! Please see attachment.

    I have a master sheet that lists people and info about each person. Each person has his/her own sheet that lists the same info from the master list. The list will be updated regularly and I need each individual sheets to update based on the master sheet.

    The sheet "Cadets" is the list of names. My macro currently can detect new names and copy the information from columns A:I about that person to a new sheet with that person's name. I still need it to be able to detect changes to existing names and update the info as well as detect deleted names and delete the corresponding sheet.

    Columns J:BP are possible attributes each person could have indicated by an 'x' in the column. I need the macro to detect an x and put the appropriate attribute into a list on that person's page. These lists also need to update with changes.

    The sheet "delta, charlie" is an example of what a person's page should look like. The titles in cells A5, D5, I5, and A12 could all be created when a new sheet is created, but I don't know how to do that. The various lists from possible attributes will populate under those titles. The lists with the word "Additional" in the title will be updated manually for each person.

    Re: Macro to Create Sheets From Data

    Thanks for your help. This is a great start, and I've added some code of my own to get it a little more to what I want. What you posted works for copying the first few columns of data, but I also need to get the selected list of organizations and awards onto the pages as well. The "Cadets" sheet has the list of names with the possible awards off the to right. If you look at the sheet for "Stuart, Kenneth" you can see how I'd like the information to be copied. If you could help me get that squared away, I'd really appreciate it.

    I saved this as a .xlsm file. That is the format I need, right?

    I've been looking on these forums and in the help database for a few days now but have been unable to solve this problem on my own. This is probably too advanced of a project to do as my first one, but that's what the forums are for! :smile:

    Attached is the excel file I'm working with. I have a sheet that will contain a list of names and information about each person. I am trying to create a script that will take the information from the information sheet and create a sheet for each person.

    The individual sheets will contain all the information about each person and also have manually-entered information the user can update. The manually-entered information needs to remain in place anytime the script runs while the other information updates based on the information sheet.

    I found this thread but I couldn't figure out how to modify it for what I need.

    Please help me. Thank you so much!