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    Thanks, Denis! But pretty much all that does is test the communication between the two programs and proves what I already knew that AutoCAD is faster at entity creation than Excel. But the problem for me is to get a better understanding of the code that I will need to write in order to accomplish our goal of automating AutoCAD with a changing list of paramaters from Excel. This task will primarily be performed at the sales level with people who are not CAD oriented.

    I hoped to be able to find a site where someone has already accomplished this so that I could look at the code or at least get some idea as to where to start. I realize that the link you gave me provided a little of this but the energy there was focused on speed and time issues and not complex entities.

    Thanks, again...

    I have been asked to create a cross section of our product in AutoCAD based on user input to our sales Excel workbook. This should automatically generate a drawing for the sales staff to give to a prospective customer.

    I am an old AutoCAD user and have been using Excel for quite a few years and written some code but this is just a bit of a large nut for me to crack.

    Anyone have any good ideas where I could go for some good advice and examples of how to accomplish this task?

    Thanks for your efforts, Chris!!! I really do appreciate that. Yes I have painted myself into a corner - certainly not the first time. We are talking a good sized area here with lots of check boxes and list boxes, etc. I just went thru the first sheet and replaced all my Active-X controls with Excel form tools and data validation with the use of conditional formatting to improve the physical appearance.

    Quite a few people in the company use this spreadsheet so I want it to look good. However, a printed version in black and white is always created for our files and I want that to look good as well.

    I think I need to resort to code to zero out all the list boxes prior to printing. I can't think of anything else to do.

    Feel free, anyone out there who would like to weigh in!

    A possibility might be that the settings have changed from High to Low under Tools/Macros/Security. You may have already checked this, but just a suggestion.

    Thanks, Chris! Actually I felt a little bit stupid yesterday in my request. I handled what I was trying to achieve via code in some locations and via conditional formattting to screen any text in locations that I don't want text visible given a certain condition. But now I see when I print the workbook out, the text of course prints. I need to mask this as well and since I am trying very hard to REDUCE the code in this huge workbook, do you know of any way sans code to mask the printed version?

    Many thanks!

    Hi there! Hope not too late for you! I started this first thing this morning but a little detail like work interfered!

    Where I11 = Number of Sides
    I12 = Length of One Side
    I13 = Angle (360/Number of Sides)

    Hope this is what you were looking for!

    I guess I can't since when I tried, I realized that I would only create a circular reference! Duh! Please forgive the stupidity!

    Great idea! And I tried it twice with the same results. I got the good old "Microsoft has encountered a problem and needs to close." message. Do I need to reinstall Excel at this point? I bet the answer is yes!

    Thanks for the reply, Dave, but I could not get that to work. When I typed in excel /regserver, it opened excel and then said it could not find the add-in... I have XP on XP so maybe there is a different command that I need to use.

    What is happening, while in VBA, I try to access Help and of the 3 tabs, only the first tab works (contents). I am unable to search or use the index of help options.

    Thanks again...

    For whatever reason the Help search index and the answer wizard windows are not accessible. I can access the contents, however. Anyone have any clue what's going on here. Probably a very simple fix but I don't know what it is!

    Thanks everyone...

    I stumbled upon this while browsing the forum and it is something that I have long been asked to address. I was thinking about saving the workbooks as pdf files but then, of course, the problem is how to revise (also a constant problem) without re-entering all the data at each revision. I had put it on the back burner but am really pleased to see the posting. Now if I could only understand Insomniacs code!!!

    This is the very best forum that I have come across in regards to Excel and VBA issues. Thanks so very much!!!!