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    im on the final part of this sheet. i have already identify the floor with the code. however, i need the C23 to be able to input not the whole book name. i need a formula that would identify part name and return the floor number. eg. social psychology -> soc*psych* when i enter that it would still return the correct floor. pros please help~~~ thank you!!!

    Re: library book location formula

    this is as close i get, but i am having problem with identifying the floor with some of the book. and also when i type soc psych instead of social psychology, it would recognize. i need some formula that would identity when i insert only part of the search topic instead of the full name.


    please help~~~ thanks

    Re: library book location formula

    its not a school assignment. im taking this to get an understanding of excel.. the book is horrible at explaining this, and the exercises were thrown to me=.= i have no idea where to start... in fact, i don't even know how the code system work.. thanks for the hint.. i will work on it now.

    Re: vlookup with multiple condition

    Quote from rory;556689

    Assuming anything over size 13 should be too large, then:
    =IF(B13<MIN(IF(C13="M",mensocksize,womensocksize)),"Too small",IF(B13>MAX(IF(C13="M",mensocksize,womensocksize)),"Too large",IF(C13="M",VLOOKUP(B13,mensocksize,2,TRUE),VLOOKUP(B13,womensocksize,2,TRUE))))
    in D13.

    this formula works perfectly fine. Thank you very much. however i could not understand the logic. would you please explain why is it written in this way. im a bit confused how it works.

    hey everyone,

    i am working on a sheet using vlookup to find matching gender and shoe size with socks size. however i can only get the formula to work under the reference table. if the size is beyond or under the given size, it suppose to display too large or too small. i don't know how to add that condition to the formula, would you guys please help me. thank you.

    i used =IF(C20="M",VLOOKUP(B20,mensocksize,2,TRUE),VLOOKUP(B20,womensocksize,2,TRUE)). i need a formula, not only look up the matching size, but also solve D20 and D21 as too big or too small.

    Thank you so much.

    hey everyone, i am new to excel and i really need some help with this assignment. i have only learnt vlookup, indirect, if formulas so far, and i have no idea how to come up with a formula that autofill to the right. im suppose to look up values from the chart below and according to the city i enter in A3 and A5, i will return the value in the row. i used =vlookup($A$3,milechart,2), but that only returns to the 2nd column, as i move down the row, using another via city. the column number "2" won't move to "3". so it won't return the correct value.

    Thank you so much for your help.