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    Hi all,

    I'm looking for some help with writing some VBA code.
    I have a booking in system that i can book in Items, with customer information, a project number, item details, serial numbers and other information about the item.

    What i want to be able to do, is create a Search box (similar to the excel find box) that the user can input mulitple project numbers in one worksheet, (up to about 20 different project numbers), and it will find the rows in which these project numbers are stored, then copy a selection of cells in the same row and paste another worksheet.

    Here's an example of what i want the macro to do:

    Sheet 1:

    Project numbers are stored as text in column F, in continuous ascending order, starting from row 6 onwards: 1000, 1001, 1002, 1003 etc.
    I want to be able to open a search box, and search for various project numbers (not necessarily in order) then find the rows that the project numbers are stored in, copy information from cells other individual cells in the same row to another worksheet.

    I understand how to code the part where i need to paste the data in the other worksheet, i just need help with code for searching for data, then selecting other data in the same row (cells G, H, I, J) for example.

    If anyone could post the code i would need to get me started off i would be greatful.


    Hello, i need a little help with coding a macro for my workbook, am a bit of a novice at this and am still learning all the Functions of VBA.

    I need the VBA code to be able to copy specific data from cells in the selected active row in the one sheet to a specific range of cells in another worksheet without pasting over existing data.

    For example:

    Sheet 1: I select Rows "1, 2 & 3" As Active rows, i want the data from cell "F" of each of these rows to be copied and pasted to Sheet 2 into the Range of cells A42 to A59.
    Now what want to happen is for the data in (sheet 1) Row 1, F to be pasted into (sheet 2) cell A42, then the data from (sheet 1) rows 2, cell F and 3 cell F to be pasted in the next blank cell below.

    Basically what i have is a Goods In booking system of which i want to create a Delivery note for Goods Out, i want to take the data from each active row i select and to put it into the Range of cells shown above, so that each item is listed one below each other descending in column A starting in Cell 42. I have tried to code it myself, and can only get the data to be pasted into individual separate cells rather than pasting the data in the next blank cell below in colum A.

    Here's my try at it:

    The code from above ive got from reading these forums and adapting to my workbook, but obviously doesnt work for me.

    Any help appreciated, thanks!