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    Re: Donate To: Victims Of Fires In Australia via Red Cross

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    Not to make light of this, but they're crocodiles in Australia. And whilst Victoria burns (smoke here in the Western District, 400km from the fires), Queensland is getting belted with cyclonic flooding, and there are literally crocodiles in the streets as many rivers are in flood. This is certainly an amazing place to live.

    An update, most fires warnings have been downgraded to alert. which means they no longer pose an immediate threat to life and property. The weather this week-end was going to be a worry, but that has also been scaled back and won't be too bad. They have also had some rain on the fire grounds, so whilst we are not out of the woods by a long way, things are looking much better than a few days ago.



    The seven dwarfs go to the Vatican , and because they are the seven dwarfs, they are immediately ushered in to see the Pope.

    Grumpy leads the pack.

    'Grumpy, my son,' says the Pope, 'What can I do for you?'

    Grumpy asks, 'Excuse me your Excellency, but are there any dwarf nuns in Rome ?'

    The Pope wrinkles his brow at the odd question, thinks for a moment and answers, 'No, Grumpy, there are no dwarf nuns in Rome .'

    In the background, a few of the dwarfs start giggling.

    Grumpy turns around and glares, silencing them.

    Grumpy turns back, 'Your Worship, are there any dwarf nuns in all of Europe ?'

    The Pope, puzzled now, again thinks for a moment and then answers, 'No, Grumpy, there are no dwarf nuns in Europe .

    'This time, all of the other dwarfs burst into laughter.

    Once again, Grumpy turns around and silences them with an angry glare.

    Grumpy turns back and says, 'Mr.. Pope! Are there ANY dwarf nuns anywhere in the world?'

    The Pope, really confused by the questions says, 'I'm sorry, my son, there are no dwarf nuns anywhere in the world.'

    The other dwarfs collapse into a heap, rolling and laughing, pounding the floor, tears rolling down their cheeks, as they begin chanting......

    'Grumpy shagged a penguin!' 'Grumpy shagged a penguin!'

    Re: Change Color Of AutoFilter Drop Arrows

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    Is it possible to change those AutoFilter drop-down arrows that are active? As it is now they are hard to spot which is in use.

    Best Regards

    They actually do change colour if active. Inactrive filters are black on grey, active are blue on grey with default settings. Not that easy to see, but if you can find the Windows settings Dave is talking about you might be able to make it a bit more obvious.


    Re: Be Aware Of The Drop Bear

    Some of the answers are a bit differengt to the first version I saw (and I'd add funnier), but this was doing the rounds just before the 2000 Olympics. The story was it was an Olympics website. I like the concept of our snakes all being harmelss and making good pets. :)


    Re: Sum Of Vlookups Returns N/a

    Or try multiple SUMIF formulae


    Edit: Like this

    =SUMIF('Usage Charges'!$A$2:B$56,Summary!$A2,'Usage Charges'!B$2:B$56)+SUMIF('Service and equip'!$A$2:B$56,Summary!$A2,'Service and equip'!B$2:B$56)+SUMIF('Other Charges Credits'!$A$2:B$14,Summary!$A2,'Other Charges Credits'!$B$2:B$14)

    and copy down. Note mixed absolute and relative references.

    Re: Multiple Criteria Matches:

    Where is your source data held. If you create a table with all the combinations of from and to locations, using "&" function to create a unique record, with the associated distance, then assuming From location is in A1, and To location is B1, this should work;


    where SourceData is a table holding your table of distances.

    Any help?


    Re: Adding Text To A Cell Without Resizing

    If you just type in the cell and format as general, it won;t change the cell size. Any excess will spill into the next column, unless there is something occupying that cell.

    If you are currently having the text wrap, I suggest you check the format before entering your text.


    Re: Merging Data From 2 Worksheets

    This will return the Text from column B in SheetB if the same record in column A exists in SheetA column A. If it doesn't exist in SheetB, it returns 0.



    Hope I understood what you were after.


    Re: If Condition

    Hi ma,

    questions belongs in the Excel/VBA forum, but in File 2 cell D2

    Try =VLOOKUP(A2,[FILE1]Sheet1!LOOKUPRANGE,2,0)

    and copy down


    File 2 cell A2 holds your 1st Emp Code
    File 1 Sheet1 has a ranged named LOOKUPRANGE which holds the Emp Code and Basic
    The first column in this range is emp code
    The second column in this range has the basic
    You want the basic in column D of file 2 for each emp

    See help for VLOOKUP for more details