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    Re: Link A Cell From Sheet1 To Sheet2 To Pull Data Depending On The Time

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    Where are the formulas? How would I be able to change the values from "f" to "a", and "n" to "u"?

    All the formulas are in the condtional format for each seat.

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    Also one more thing I wanted to ask... I know how to add the todays date but how can I add the date and time it was last save...

    Not sure what you want want a log on the sheet of when it was saved??? keep in mind that as time progresses the sheet will change accordingly...upon hitting enter or doing an action on the screen. The sheet will not "automatically" change. It will only change when you do something on the sheet that causes the "now" equation to update.

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    Ok Ok one more thing... is there anyway to add a clock on the sheet1 to show the current time?

    You want a running a search on this site. There are tons of examples. I will warn you though that this will, in my opinion, cause undue lagging in the sheet. could just add a formula to a cell


    and this will give you an instant date and time. Each time you hit "enter", the time will be readjusted.

    Re: Link A Cell From Sheet1 To Sheet2 To Pull Data Depending On The Time

    Here is my first go at it.

    It took some "twekaing" to make it work since the time entry you specify is not really time in excel...its a number. I was able to convert it to time for the time check by putting a hiden row in (row 3).

    I am still not sure if this is correct as far as what you want, but let me know. I would suggest you test this thoroughly before you make this a standard template...make sure all those conditional formats are really calling on the right information.

    Any problems, get back to me.

    Re: Link A Cell From Sheet1 To Sheet2 To Pull Data Depending On The Time

    don't think this is too hard. First thing, how often does this need to check the time? I think the "on-time" method is the best way to go here. This will provide the ability for the worksheet to execute at certain times to check the options what you want.

    Let me see what I can do.

    Re: Macro: Check Cell Values In Column

    there are ways to have a running clock in excel. however, from what I remember, this can slow down the sheet and cause considerable file size. However, it can be done.

    How about if I set it to run the macro anytime any action is done...

    Re: Compile Error In Hidden Module

    as far as i know, that shouldn't affect anything your doing with excel, unless your calling on it somehow.

    it comes standard with any adobe professional software to convert office products to pdf i believe.

    so honestly, you shouldn't need it. however it may be something to try if all the other machines it was working on has it.

    Re: Compile Error In Hidden Module

    Do you have external addins that need to be installed? I would also suggest running the update manager for Office. I had problems similar to this on some PC's in my office and all I really needed were a few updates.

    As far as the "data" highlighted that the "step through" break point? Is there a Burgundy dot in the left hand margin?

    It also sounds like your have something wrong in the coding of the userform.

    Re: File Path Changes On Linked Formula

    this is strange. I just recreated your problem...My drive letters are holding. I have a computer that is not connected to a certain drive that mine is, so it was a perfect setup for it.

    But alas...from what I see...if they are not updateing the links...the path should hold.


    However...for a quick could just do a find replace with C: and G:

    Re: File Path Changes On Linked Formula

    are they just viewing the sheets or are the entering data to the sheets? are they sending them back, is that why you are having problems (i.e. the drives are changing and your references are no longer working)

    Re: Vba Macro To Check Cell Value In Calumn

    little confused...

    you say that the default when client name is entered should be "deviation"...then when a date and time are set then change to "queued"...but later you state that if the client name has a date and time and is set to "deviation" ....then you have some conditions to be met....but how can that be since the first two rules above would not let the last condition to exist?

    Re: Vba Macro To Check Cell Value In Calumn

    how do you want the macro to run? sounds like a workbook change event would be resourceful (it would fire anytime you make a change on the sheet), however, if you want a button or menu option, that can work fine too.

    Re: Vba Macro To Check Cell Value In Calumn

    this is not hard to do at all.

    can you post up a sample workbook?

    Question. Is the "column check" going to always be a static value? Or o you have a location where you specify what you want to search for?

    Re: Set-up Of "if" "or" Formula?

    FYI: You need to start a new thread with a new question. way I know of to get rid of blank cells...use autofilter, show non-blank cells, and copy to another location.

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