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    Re: Multiple Workbooks Open

    Quote from Dave Hawley

    I don't need to see an image. As I stated "The only way I can reproduce the problem is to create a New Window of an open Workbook"

    When the Workbook is open and problem occurs, go to Window and see if you see YourBook.xls: 1 and YourBook.xls: 2

    Sorry Dave,

    I am not sure I follow you then. I thought you meant to look in task manager for the files you requested, which i don't see as described in my previous posts above. what do you mean by "go to window"?

    Re: Spreadsheet Login Screen

    Quote from bacanze

    Works perfectly!, I am going to try alter that code to sort of make a logout button so it returns user to login screen

    Opps, got another error, lol im sure VB.NET is easier than VBA, any ideas for a logout/back button?


    if your keeping the tabs hidden

    Re: Spreadsheet Login Screen

    why not hide the sheets all together...Toggle between these two statements

    Sheets("your sheet names here").Visible = xlSheetVeryHidden 
    Sheets("your sheet names here").Visible = xlSheetHidden 
    ' and
    Sheets("your sheet names here").Visible = xlSheetVisible

    Re: Drop-down List Of Job Names Displayed Within One Sheet

    Not sure if this is the right way to do it, but here goes.

    Rnadomly set up a named range for each job list in each sheet, by highlighting the range and going to insert>name>define.

    Then go back into insert>name>define (hit the F2 key). Click in each one of the named ranges and modify the dynamic range name. Basically, the dynamic range is referenced by the first cell location of the list.

    If you want, post up a sample of your workbook.

    Then can use the data validation list.

    Re: Multiple Workbooks Open

    txaggie, what does the code you posted do? I see that it exits excel, but is it doing anything special?

    dave, When i get to work in an hour I will capture an image of the task manager so you can see it. Not sure if you can recreate this situation. Like i said, I have never seen this before and happened to stumble on it when one of my employees couldn't get there workbook to save without crashing.

    Re: 2 Copies of The Same Workbook Open in Task Manager

    apologies Dave. No excuse for it.

    As far as when the or where the problem is...I am not opening a new window of the same workbook.

    What is happening is, the workbook opens....on the workbook open event, another workbook is open, this workbook is set to an autofilter, then information is copied, closed without saving, then the information is pasted into the other workbook. the clipboard is then cleared.

    But from what i have read, the copying and pasting could be the source of the problem and the reason for the excessive delay in saving and closing of the workbook.

    I haven't had a chance to look at the code above, once I get to work, will take a look and see if this will help. thanks.

    Re: Multiple Workbooks Open

    perhaps I should elaborate more on this. (I just read what I posted and even I was confused by it.)

    On start up of a workbook, a series of macros are executed to do numerous tasks such as copying info from another workbook, creating a drop-down menu, etc.

    For the sake of argument, lets call the file name test.xls

    After workbook open is completed on test.xls....If I view the Windows Task Manager, there is two files posted....

    Microsoft Excel - Test.xls

    (Please note that the "Windows in Taskbar" option is checked, yet only one file can be seen in the taskbar) Is it me or is this weird?

    I believe that this becomes the source of my problems on close...this "other" file all of a sudden appears (so two are now visible)...and it really lags my comp.

    any suggestions?

    The file size for test.xls is about 2.5 megs at most, so the file is not that big to really be causing the lag.

    the weird part about it...the lag only really occurs if you leave the file open for a considerable period of time or alot of work is done. Other than that, it can be saved and close pretty quickly.

    I have had some problems closing down a workbook that I have. During a save and close. A duplicate file appears and causes considerable time delay...sometimes even causes a windows crash. I can't find the source of the problem, but I have noticed that in the Windows Task Manager, the file is there as well, yet not visible on the screen.

    Can anyone decipher my problem and have a remedy for this?

    Re: Removing users when saving workbook

    The users in the sheets...are they saving data to it? if not, perhaps you can make them read-only when someone opens them...but leaves the file read-writable for access by users who are entering data via macro from other workbooks.

    Re: Copy module to another workbook

    Thanks Roy and Dave.

    Roy...was looking for a quick way to add some code to a lot of workbooks to fire a workbook change sheet event. (it was one thing I overlooked when i developed my companies timesheet workbook). So with all my diligence locking the files, etting up the addin, etc. it was one major function that i overlooked.

    thanks for the responses though...I have already spent the time and gone through all the employee workbooks and made the adjustments and addition. Just took a long time.

    Re: Copy module to another workbook

    well I got it working...but here is another issue.

    How can I lock then unlock the VBA project? When it is cannot add the procedure.

    (FYI...I have the password, so i am not looking to break into anything...just not sure if there is code to deactivate then reactivate a VBAproject)