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    Re: Hyperlink to Photos When Moving Files


    Attila is THE MAN.....

    My original post involved a problem I was having with attaching photos - almost 1000 of them - to an excel report so that the recipients of the report could read the item on the report and "click" to view a photo of the problem. In the past I've used hyperlinks and embedding - but both of those pose issue as well as being very time-consuming.

    I posted a question here regarding the issue - having NO knowledge or experience in VBA - and Attila came to my rescue. He spent almost 4 days working this issue with me, continuously writing and re-writing the code (we name our photos uniquely, so it posed some major challenges) until it worked.

    My most heart-felt thank you's go to Attila.

    Anyone having a similar problem, here's the code:

    Cannot say enough about Atilla an the help I got here. I will definitely do some exploring / experimentation in VBA in the future, seeing the usefulness of it now!

    Re: Hyperlink to Photos When Moving Files

    Said it before and I'll say it again - YOU DA MAN!

    That works PERFECTLY.......

    I'll post it, along with a very healthy THANK YOU and REVIEW....

    Cannot tell you how much I appreciate the help!

    Re: Hyperlink to Photos When Moving Files

    Ok, I spoke too soon, looks like..... It now opens a photo, but is opening the wrong ones - which it was not doing before I removed the "Else" code. So am not nearly as smart as I thought I was (which isn't much to begin with)......

    Re: Hyperlink to Photos When Moving Files

    Aha...... Got rid of the "Else ImageName = Range("D" & Target.Row).Value & ".jpg" and now works...

    You are THE MAN....... I humbly bow down and offer my most sincere appreciation and to-the-death loyalty!

    You have been a TREMENDOUS help - more than I could every possibly repay, and I appreciate it more than you could possibly know.....

    But something in this for you? You do this just for fun? If so, you're a better man than I ever hope to be.......

    Re: Hyperlink to Photos When Moving Files

    Ok, after further trials..... I now get the pop-up on every selection, but the ones that don't have more than 1 photo no longer open. I tried putting a "1" in column D for those, in case it was looking for a number, but that didn't work either.

    Re: Hyperlink to Photos When Moving Files

    Works, but has a couple of odd things... 1st it pops up a window which says "runs" and gives you an "OK" button.. Then opens the 2nd photo ("BS-001 (2)" for example). You can then use the arrows in Windows pic viewer to scroll to the next pic (you can scroll back to picture (1), but you can also scroll to other pics - that parts OK, as is the opening of pic 2 first..... I would like to get rid of the pop-up window, though?

    And thanks again.... Just FYI, I'm in Houston (CST) - at this moment its about 7 a.m. here.

    Re: Hyperlink to Photos When Moving Files


    Hate to be a pain, but if possible am trying to get these reports finished today or tomorrow (boss is VERY anxious), and was wondering if you'd had a chance to consider why the multiple images thing doesn't work? Everything else works fine - and I am BEYOND grateful - and just curious if there's someing we can do to make the other issue work?

    Re: Hyperlink to Photos When Moving Files

    Multiple images are named by numbers in parentheses - example - "BS-001 (1). jpg", "BS-001 (2).jpg" etc. Most of the ones that have multiple images will only have 2, though a few have 3

    Re: Hyperlink to Photos When Moving Files

    I was just looking for "options" or "preferences" for Windows Picture Viewer - but there doesn't seem to be any, at least not that I can find. I'm looking around now to see if something I have set - nothing that I KNOW of - is causing that.

    Thoughts on the "multiple images"? Can't get that to work just yet.....

    Re: Hyperlink to Photos When Moving Files

    and here's a stupid question I should have thought of before....... Will clients - or anyone who wants to view the picks from the report - need to have VBA installed? I would assume so....

    Re: Hyperlink to Photos When Moving Files

    Putting the file name for images which apply to multiple items DOES work.

    Wish I could figure out why it minimizes the photo - bugs me - but given the the progress so far I can live with it!

    Re: Hyperlink to Photos When Moving Files

    Once change to the code - changed the column from "N" to "O" at the top (after adding column D). Everything works fine - single pics - but the multiple pics for 1 item doesn't...........