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    I have a datasheet that constantly has information pasted into it. In column D, we store the alternate phone numbers while in column C, it has the default phone numbers.

    I am looking for a simple macro that will copy and paste the information from column C into column D without overwriting existing data in column D.

    Thank you for any help!

    Re: Alternate Numbers And/Or

    The data is pasted from an external report into the sheet so a formula would not work. With a header, it would actually start in row 2.

    Thank you for the macro code, but it completely crashed the workbook after copy/pasting row1 from column D.


    I have an Excel document that is used primary to to pull data from a report. The phone number is in column C, but we are also working off alternate phone numbers in column D.

    If the phone number field is blank, i'm wondering if a macro can literally pull the alternate phone number in column D to populate the phone number in column C.

    Thank you for any help!


    I am curious if this is even possible. If data is pasted into sheet2, starting at column C, I need a formula to read the data in column C and place a designated ID tag into column B based on column C.

    I'm assuming I would need to build a reference sheet for the matching data, telling the formula what to place based on the pasted data, but can a formula be placed into column A for this?

    Thank you for any help.

    Re: Auto Print and format Macro -

    What's happening here is "Form" sheet prints, pulling data from Sheet1. The print portion of the macro runs from start to finish but i'm trying to populate the data as it is printing. Is that what you're asking?

    Re: Modified Formula/Macro for Text

    I mean.. can you format a cell that has text to always appear as <<TONAME:Text>>?

    So, similar format to the fax concept, but with text...

    EDIT - Just figured it out.. Needed an "@" instead of "0". Thank you.

    Re: Modified Formula/Macro for Text

    Perfect! With the custom format, can that also be applied to text? For instance.. A custom format for "<<TONAME:"0">>"?

    I know that this doesn't work, but is there a substitute?

    Thank you so much!

    Re: Modified Formula/Macro for Text

    Well, I used your #2 option

    "2) Case Cell format, numbers in cell remain as Number
    Custom Format "<<FAXNUM:"0">>""

    Which is Sheet1. However, I need to copy/paste using VBA from Sheet1 to Sheet2, but the pasted data needs to contain the formating as the actual text. The formatting copies over, but it's not the actual text in the cell. .. If that makes any sense lol

    Re: Modified Formula/Macro for Text


    Is there a way to macro a copy '3129653965' but when it pastes, the format is "<<FAXNUM:"3129653965">>"?

    The program will only recognize a cell with that data, not a formatted cell.


    The macro below is slightly broken and I need help to fix it... It currently prints upon activation until it reaches the last row in Sheet1. It also populates the fields from Sheet1 to 'Form' and deletes the row it populated data from. However, it only does one at a time...

    I need it to perform until no rows are left on Sheet1. I just can't figure out how to automate both in one macro because it isn't doing both. So I am missing something entirely. Any help is appreciated!


    I am wondering if the formula..

    ="Record " &C3

    ...can be somehow modified to pull numbers and include this around the numbers. For example, "<<FAXNUM:5826328962>>". So that the numbers will always have the <<FAXNUM: >>" surrounding it. Can this be done in a formula or does a replace macro need to do the trick?

    Thank you for any help!

    Hi all,

    I have this print macro that splits a document into several sheets. I am wondering if a pause can be applied to this function, then resume, but have the pause perform multiple times within the print action. For instance, print 50, pause 30seconds, repeat.

    Sub SplitMergeLetterToPrinter()
    Letters = ActiveDocument.Sections.Count
    counter = 1
    While counter < Letters
    ActiveDocument.PrintOut Background:=False, Range:=wdPrintFromTo, _
    From:="s" & Format(counter), To:="s" & Format(counter)
    counter = counter + 1
    End Sub