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    I am looking for some assistance in accessing and analysing data from 321 workbooks (each with one worksheet) to save into a single worksheet.

    Each of the workbooks have a different date as part of the file name (exactly 7 days on from the previous file), and each of the sheets have been named in the same convention, i.e. 050608name in the format YMDname.

    From each of the worksheets, I need to find the average, max, and min of the first 9 columns - with a range of 2-337 (with each to be saved into a new sheet in the new workbook), but I first need to eliminate zero values from this range. I can do all of this manually quite easily, but I have more than 321 files to access, and limited time.

    After this, I need to move to the next workbook in the file to repeat the above process with the results to be entered into the next available row.

    I hope this makes sense, and I appreciate any suggestions, advice and help given!