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    Re: To Apply formula in Pivot column

    Ok. How in this case I can take out the request No from the Piviot row label, and add in as a last column in the pivot
    "Request No" and apply following formula to retrieve the data along with the hyperlink.
    =HYPERLINK(CONCATENATE("[URL="http://cormel-itg01:8080/itg/web/knta/crt/RequestDetail.jsp?REQUEST_ID=",VLOOKUP(F9,'Issue"]http://cormel-itg01:8080/itg/w…estDetail.jsp?REQUEST_ID=",VLOOKUP(F9,'Issue[/URL] Query Risk'!F:N,9,FALSE)),VLOOKUP(F9,'Issue Query Risk'!F:N,9,FALSE))

    Hence to summarize ,can we automate below,
    to traverse through all the pivots of all the sheets in the workbook and add the additional column at the end of the pivot with the above formula.

    Steps Required:
    For each pivot in the workbook,
    Add Request No as the last column
    Apply formula =as mentioned above,


    [HR][/HR]Hello Expert,

    Requirement: I have a workbook with many pivots many it. Each of the pivots has a field “Request No”. This field has an embedded hyper link in the source data sheet, which when clicked direct us to source.

    But when I pivot this data, hyperlink is lost. I need to activate this hyperlink in pivot so can think of following code

    Need you help to guide me on how to build up a macro code for following steps.

    For each pivot in the workbook,
    Look for Pivot field= “Request No”
    For All Request No in that column
    Apply formula =HYPERLINK(CONCATENATE("http://cormel- itg01:8080/itg/web/knta/crt/RequestDetail.jsp?REQUEST_ID=",Request No),Request No)

    This would help me to replace the entire request No with the hyperlink for all the pivots in the workbook.

    Appreciate your support on above.

    Many thanks !


    Hello Expert,

    I have raw data having many columns that is summarized in a pivot table similar to the one shown below. Now, I need to create a new files for each of the row label .

    Row Labels20012002Grand TotalJan22Feb1010Mar88Apr5954113May55

    Ex: The first file would be Jan_2001, that contains 2 records. Second will be Feb_2002 that contains 10 records.

    I have the pivot with 750 such data points, and hence need 750 files. PLease advice if I can automate this.

    Appreciate your guidance and support.